Shakespeare (disambiguation)

"Shakespeare" may refer to the following people:

* William Shakespeare, the playwright
* John Shakespeare, father of William
* Susanna Shakespeare, daughter of William
* Judith Shakespeare, younger daughter of William
* Hamnet Shakespeare, son of William

* Geoffrey Hithersay Shakespeare, 1st Baronet, British Liberal politician.
* Nicholas Shakespeare, British journalist and writer
* Robbie Shakespeare, Jamaican musician and producer
* Stephan Shakespeare, founder of YouGov and 18 Doughty Street
* Tom Shakespeare, 3rd Baronet, better known as Tom, is a geneticist and sociologist.
* William Shakespear (explorer), explorer of the Arabian Peninsula
* William Geoffrey Shakespeare, 2nd Baronet Shakespeare of Lakenham, general practitioner in Aylesbury.
* William Shakespeare (singer), Australian Johnny Cabe
* William Shakespeare (football), American football player
* William Shakespeare (cricketer), who played for Worcestershire in the interwar period.

Shakespeare may also refer to:
* Shakespeare, Ontario, Canada
* 2985 Shakespeare, an asteroid
* Shakespeare, a crater on Mercury
* Shakespeare (programming language)
* Shakespeare, a meerkat on "Meerkat Manor"
* "Shakespeare", a song by Akala
* Shakespeare Company, a major manufacturer of antennas and fishing tackle

ee also

* Shakespeare and Company (disambiguation)
* "Will Shakespeare", an ITC Entertainment tv series about the playwright
* "The Plays of William Shakespeare", an eighteenth-century edition of the dramatic works of Shakespeare, edited by Samuel Johnson and George Steevens
* Shakespearian class

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