List of disorders

A list of types of disorders.


*Adenoid disorders
*Adrenal disorders
*Allergic disorders
*Anorectal disorders
*Anxiety disorders
*Appendix disorders
*Articulation disorders
*Attention deficit disorder
*Autonomic nerve disorders


*Balance disorders
*Behavioral disorders
*Bleeding disorders


*Cartilage disorders
*Cephalic disorders
*Chromosomal disorders
*Clotting disorders
*Communication disorders
*Congenital disorders
*Conjunctival disorders
*Connective tissue disorders
*Cornea disorders


*Delusional disorders
*Depressive disorders
*Disc disorders
*Dissocial personality disorder
*Dissociative disorders
*Digestive disorders


* Eating disorders


*Female genital disorders
*Fluency disorders


*Genetic disorders
*Goldenhar syndrome
*Gum disorders


*Hearing disorders
*Heritable disorders of connective tissue


*Iatrogenic disorders
*Immune disorders
*Impulse control disorders


*Language disorders
*Learning disorders
*Lens disorders


*Metabolic disorders
*Mood disorders


*Nervous system disorders
*Neuronal migration disorders


*Orthopedic disorders


*Peritoneum disorders
*Personality disorders
*Pervasive developmental disorders
*Psychiatric disorders, i.e., mental illness
*Psychoactive substance abuse disorders
*Psychological disorders, i.e., mental illness
*Psychotic disorders
*Puerperal disorders


*Refractive eye disorders
*Repetitive motion disorders

*Sexual dysfunction
*Sleep disorders
*Soft tissue disorders
*Somatoform disorders
*Spastic disorders
*Speech disorders
*Spinal cord disorders
*Systemic disorders


*Testicle disorders
*Thymus disorders
*Thyroid disorders
*Tonsil disorders
*Translocation chromosome disorders
*Triplet repeat genetic disorders


*Vein disorders
*Voice disorders


*X chromosome disorders


*Y chromosome disorders

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