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Infobox Political post
post = President
body = Romania
insignia = Coat of arms of Romania.svg
insigniasize = 100px
insigniacaption = Coat of arms of Romania

incumbent = Traian Băsescu
incumbentsince = December 2004
confirmed on 19 May 2007
style =
residence = Cotroceni Palace
appointer =
termlength = five years
(renewable once;
terms may be consecutive)
formation = 1948
March 29, 1974
inaugural = Constantin I. Parhon
(the first republican head of state)
Nicolae Ceauşescu
(the first to officially bear the title)
website = []

The President of Romania is the head of state of Romania. The President is directly elected by a two-round system for a five-year term (since 2004, after the Constitution was modified in 2003). He or she can serve two terms. During his term in office, the President must not be a member of any political party.

The current President of Romania is Traian Basescu since 20 December 2004. On 20 April 2007 he was suspended from office. He re-assumed the office on 23 May 2007.


If the incumbent President violates severely the Constitution, he (or she) can be suspended from function by the Parliament in joint session. If the suspension motion passes, there is a call for a referendum of dismissal within no more than 30 days from the suspension.

If the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, in joint session, accuses the President of high treason, he (or she) is suspended from function by right. The judging of these accusations enter the competence of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. The incumbent President is dismissed by right if he (or she) is found guilty of high treason.

The first President to be suspended was the incumbent Traian Băsescu, on 20 April 2007. He re-assumed the office on 23 May 2007, after the Referendum held on 19 May 2007.


If the office of President becomes vacant (resignation or death), or the incumbent president is suspended from office, the first to replace him (or her) as "Ad Interim President of Romania" ( _ro. Preşedinte Interimar al României) is the President of the Senate. If he (or she) is unable or unwilling to do so, the next one is the President of the Chamber of Deputies. Neither one loses their statute of President of the Legislative's House. During the Ad Interim presidency, the Ad Interim President of Romania cannot address the Parliament, dissolve the Parliament, nor call for a referendum.

List of Presidents of Romania (1947-Present)

Peoples Republic Romania (1947-1966) Socialist Republic of Romania (1966-1989)

Chairman of the Presidium of the Romanian People's Republic


Romania (1989-Present)

The title is "President of Romania" ( _ro. Preşedintele României). Article 84 of the Romanian Constitution forbids the President to be member of any political party during his (or her) term (only).

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