Alpha (radio navigation)

Alpha (also called RSDN-20 ) is a Russian system for long range radio navigation. RSDN in Russian stands for _ru. Радиотехническая Система Далёкой Навигации (Radiotekhnitsheskaya Sistema Dalyokoi Navigatsii), i.e., radio-technical long-distance navigation system.

Alpha works similarly to the former Omega Navigation System in the VLF-range. The alpha system consists of three transmitters, which stand in the proximity of Novosibirsk, Krasnodar and Seyda. These transmitters radiate 3.6 second long signals on the frequencies 11.905 kHz, 12.649 kHz and 14.881 kHz. From the phase difference of the received signals a location can be determined.

Much like the masts used for the Omega Navigation System, for technical reasons the masts of Alpha must be very tall. Unfortunately no data are available for their height.


* Alpha transmitter Novosibirsk: (coord|55|45|22|N|84|26|52.4|E|)
* Alpha transmitter Krasnodar: (coord|45|24|12|N|38|09|29|E|)
* Alpha transmitter Khabarovsk: (coord|50|04|24|N|136|36|24|E|)
* Alpha transmitter Revda: (coord|68|02|8|N|34|41|00|E|)
* Alpha transmitter Seyda: (coord|39|28|16|N|62|43|07|E|)

ee also

* OMEGA, the Western counterpart of the Alpha Navigation System, no longer in use.
* LORAN, low frequency terrestrial radio navigation system, still in use.
* CHAYKA, the Russian counterpart of LORAN

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