Institute for Palestine Studies

Institute for Palestine Studies

The Institute for Palestine Studies (The IPS) is the oldest independent non-profit, public service, research institute in the Arab world, was established and incorporated in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1963 and has since served as a model for other such institutes in the region. Led by a Board of Trustees comprising some forty scholars, businessmen, and public figures representing almost all Arab countries, it is devoted to documentation and publication on Palestinian affairs and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The IPS currently maintains four offices on three continents. The Beirut office, the IPS headquarters since its inception; the Washington, DC office, established in 1976; a small office in Paris, established in 1981; and the Ramallah office, established (originally as the Institute of Jerusalem Studies) in 1995 which moved to Jerusalem in the year 2000. The Beirut office also houses the IPS Information and Documentation Center and the Constantine Zurayk Library, the largest library in the Arab world (and one of the largest in the world) specializing in Palestinian Affairs, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Judaica, and Zionism.

Since its inception, IPS has published over 600 books, monographs, occasional papers, and documentary collections in English, Arabic, and French. It has co-publication agreements with Columbia University Press in New York and Oxford University Press in England, among others, and has co-published works with a number of universities and research centers in Palestine and various Arab countries. It also puts out four quarterlies: The Journal of Palestine Studies (co-published with University of California Press), since 1971 in Washington, DC; Majallat-al-Dirasat-al-Filastiniyah, since 1990 in Beirut; Jerusalem Quarterly, since 1998 in Ramallah; and Hawliyyat al-Quds, since 2003 in Ramallah.

IPS activities are financed by income from its endowment, contributions and gifts from donors, and sales of its publications. While the Board of Trustees, which meets once a year, oversees the IPS activities, administratively it is run by an Executive Committee composed of Board members assisted by a staff of about 50. IPS books and other publications are available through the Beirut Office and can be ordered from all its offices and from bookstores and book distributors in Lebanon and other Arab countries. Both individuals and institutions can subscribe or purchase IPS publications online, through its website (


Board of trustees

The Institute is led by a Board of Trustees composed of Arab scholars, businessmen, and public figures. A volunteer executive committee, elected by the Board, manage the regular activities. The trustees come from most Arab countries, including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.[1]

Present Board

  • Salman Abbasi (Palestine)
  • Maher Abughazaleh (Palestine)
  • Faisal Alami (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Basel Amin Aql – Executive Committee Member (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Issam Ashour (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Hanan Ashrawi (Palestine)
  • Raymond W. Audi (Lebanon)
  • Muhsin Al-Ayni (Yemen)
  • Abdul Rahman Bin Saoud al-Thani (Qatar)
  • Lakhdar Brahimi (Algeria)
  • Mazen Dajani – Treasurer (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Nadim Dimechkié (Lebanon)
  • Sawsan Al-Fahoum Jafar (Palestine)
  • Ali Fakhro (Bahrain)
  • Anwar Gargash (UAE)
  • Abdlatif Y. Al-Hamad (Kuwait)
  • Khalil Hindi (Palestine)
  • Adib Al-Jadir (Iraq)
  • Taher Kanaan – Executive Committee Member (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Mohammad Ali Khalidi (Jordan)
  • Walid Khadduri (Iraq, Lebanon)
  • Walid Khalidi, Secretary (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Said T. Khoury – Honorary Chairman (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Samer S. Khoury (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Fadia Kiwan (Lebanon)
  • Mohammad Al-Majzoub – Executive Committee Member (Lebanon)
  • Camille Mansour, Executive Committee Member (Palestine)
  • Jamil Matar (Egypt)
  • Tarek Mitri, Executive Committee Member (Lebanon)
  • Fadi Moghaizel, Executive Committee Member (Lebanon)
  • Adnan Mroueh (Lebanon)
  • Issam Naaman (Lebanon)
  • Hisham Nashabe, Chairman (Lebanon)
  • Rami R. Nimr (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Nabil H. Qaddumi (Palestine, Kuwait)
  • Abdul Muhsin Al-Qattan (Palestine, Kuwait)
  • Suhail Sabbagh (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Riad T. Al-Sadik (Palestine, UAE)
  • Mohammad J. Al-Sager (Kuwait)
  • Hani Salaam (Lebanon)
  • Nawaf Salam (Lebanon)
  • Leila Shahid (Palestine)
  • Suha Shoman (Palestine, Jordan)
  • Mazen Soueid (Lebanon)
  • Abdul Hassan Zalzalah (Iraq)
  • Huda Zurayk (Lebanon)

Previous Board of Trustee members

  • Sami Alami (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Hasib Sabbagh (Palestine, Lebanon)
  • Nabih Amin Faris (Lebanon)
  • Maurice Gemayel (Lebanon)
  • Saleh Masud Abu Yaseer (Libya)
  • Wadad Cortas (Lebanon)
  • Fuad Sarrouf (Lebanon)
  • Sa'id Himadeh (Lebanon)
  • Edmond Rabbath (Lebanon)
  • Muhammad Mursi Ahmad (Egypt)
  • Farid Saad (Jordan)
  • Taher Radwan (Saudi Arabia)
  • Ahmad Baha-El-Din (Egypt)
  • As'ad Al-As'ad (Lebanon)
  • Pierre Edde (Lebanon)
  • Shams Ed-Din Wakil (Egypt)
  • Constantine Zurayk (Lebanon)
  • Burhan Dajani (Jordan)
  • Charles Helou (Lebanon)
  • Hala Salam Maksoud (Lebanon)
  • Zahia Kaddoura (Lebanon)
  • Mohieddine Saber (Sudan)
  • Adib Daoudy (Syria)
  • Abdel-Aziz al-Saqr (Kuwait)
  • Edmond Naim (Lebanon)
  • 'Abdel-Wahhab 'Abdel-Wassi' (Saudi Arabia);
  • Najla Abu Izzeddin (Lebanon)
  • Mahmoud Darwish (Palestine)


The Institute's library is located at the Institutes's headquarters in Beirut. It is the largest in the Arab world specializing in Palestinian affairs, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Judaica. The Institute publishes four quarterly journals in English, French, and Arabic. These are independently edited and published from Washington, Paris, Jerusalem, and Beirut respectively. The journals are:

  • The Journal of Palestine Studies, which was established in 1971. It is published and distributed by the University of California Press on behalf of the institute. The current editor is Rashid Khalidi of Columbia University.
  • The French quarterly, Revue d'études palestiniennes, which began publication in 1982, is independently edited and produced by The Institute for Palestine Studies - Paris. The Revue is printed and distributed by Editions de Minuit. (previous editor Samir Kassir)
  • The Arabic-language quarterly, Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyah, was founded in 1990. It is edited in London and Beirut and is simultaneously reprinted in Ramallah in the West Bank for distribution in the Palestinian Territories.
  • The Jerusalem Quarterly (JQ) (Arabic: Hawliyat al-Quds) was conceived in 1998 as the Jerusalem Quarterly File, and is published by the Institute of Jerusalem Studies (IJS), an affiliate of the Institute for Palestine Studies. The Jerusalem Quarterly publishes historical features and contemporary analysis of aspects of city life and reviews. The journal is available quarterly online, and in print copy through paid subscription.

The Institute currently maintains offices in Beirut, Paris, Washington, and Ramallah, each with its own full-time director.


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