Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm School of Economics

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established =1909
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doctoral =230
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rector =Prof. Lars Bergman
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The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) or "Handelshögskolan i Stockholm (HSS)" is a highly ranked business school and the only private university Sweden. It was founded in 1909 to improve the education in business and economics in Sweden, making it one of the oldest specialized business school in the world. The SSE is controlled by a private trust, Handelshögskoleföreningen. Among the owners of the school are some of the most influential members of the business community in Northern Europe; the Wallenberg family, the Bonnier family, the Rausing family and the Söderberg family. The school also receives limited government support (approximately 10% of overall funding).

The SSE operates two Master of Science programs. One in Business and Economics and the other in General Management. The Stockholm School of Economics also offer a full-time [ MBA program] and a PhD program. At this time the school's Master of Science degree is the only degree offered to undergraduate students. The rigor of the program is comparable to other Master's programs in Europe and the United States. Within coming years the school will conform to the Bologna process and offer distinct BA/BS, MSc, and PhD programs.

The SSE has founded sister organisations in the Baltic states: the SSE Riga in Riga, Latvia, and the SSE Russia in St Petersburg, Russia. It also operates a research institute i Tokyo, Japan; the EIJS (European Institute of Japanese Studies); and a recently founded undergraduate- and research institution; Nordiska detaljhandelshögskolan; geared towards retailing, in Norrtälje, Sweden.


The most well known scholars of the Stockholm School of Economics are arguably the economists Eli Heckscher (professor of economics and statistics 1909–1929, professor of economic history 1929–1945), Gunnar Myrdal and Bertil Ohlin (professors of economics). Heckscher is also known as the founder of economic history as an independent academic discipline and his work "Svenskt Arbete och Liv" is a fundamental work within this subject.

Ohlin was a leading figure in the Stockholm school; a group of leading Scandinavian economists influenced by Knut Wicksell. This school of doctrine was to have a profound influence on post-WWII Swedish economic policy and the development of the modern Scandinavian Welfare state. Heckscher and Ohlin jointly developed the so called "Heckscher-Ohlin theory", the standard international mathematical model of international trade. Gunnar Myrdal received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1974 (shared with his ideological "nemesis", austrian economist Friedrich Hayek); Bertil Ohlin received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1977 (shared with British economist James Meade). Other prominent members of the Stockholm school were the Stockholm University professor Gustav Cassel, who developed standard economic theory of Purchasing power parity and economist Dag Hammarskjöld, general secretary of the United Nations in New York city, USA.


SSE MBA in Stockholm, Sweden is an international business school offering a full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. SSE MBA is Sweden’s first full-time MBA and was launched in August 2004 by the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), one of the leading business schools in the Nordic region.

SSE MBA rests on a sound foundation since for nearly a century SSE has trained young women and men for leading positions in business and public administration through its Master of Science (MSc) in Economics and Business program and through its thirty-year old executive education programs. SSE has a total enrolment in its MBA, MSc, and PhD programs of about 1600 students.

The school has an international reputation for its research as it is a member of the Nobel Prize Committee, and one of its professors, Bertil Ohlin - the SSE Professor of Economics, received the Nobel Prize in Economics. Additionally, the Nobel Laureate(s) in Economics visit SSE each year to talk about their research with students. SSE is the first educational institution in Sweden to receive accreditation by EQUIS, the European Quality Improvement System.

SSE MBA is an eleven-month full-time program, resting on three pillars that are integrated through MBA"Live". The first pillar is a knowledge-oriented agenda that covers more than twenty general international management subjects in areas such as Management & Organization, Marketing & Strategy, Finance & Accounting, and Business & Society. The second pillar is a leadership agenda focused on strengthening the students’ problem-solving, interpersonal, communication & process, and self-awareness skills. The third pillar of SSE enables students to enhance their global networks with executives through a variety of international trips, networking events, and the Mentor Program, in which each student receives his or her own personal mentor – a leading Swedish executive, such as Jacob Wallenberg.

Finally, the three pillars are integrated through MBA"Live" in which students apply core management concepts and work together with leading executives in 1) three real-time cases or Master Cases and 2) one change management project or Capstone Project. The Master Cases each last three months and cover a range of organizational characteristics and market conditions. Master Case firms include multinationals such as H&M, Scania AB, and Stora Enso as well as a number of small biotech and ICT firms. As part of the Capstone Project, students pursue their own special interests in a six-month project with an organization of their choice. The project demands that students both propose and implement solutions to the extent possible in their Capstone organization.

Throughout the program, students work in highly multicultural, diverse teams of two to six people, with the purpose of developing a high degree of cross-cultural fluency – the ability to frame relevant questions and interpret fast changing conditions in global markets with increasingly transnational workforces.

Fees for the full-time MBA are approximately 300,000 SEK (including books and international trips but not living expenses). Many students are either sponsored by their employers or take advantage of variousscholarship and bank loan schemes. SSE MBA also has a considerable number of scholarships available.

SSE MBA's first graduating class in 2005 consisted of 36 students from 18 countries, such as India, Japan, Venezuela, Argentina, USA, France, and Sweden. These graduates received employment offers from companies such as Bain, Booz Allen Hamilton, Ericsson, H&M, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, and McKinsey & Company.

Temporary Suspension

Starting with the Fall 2008 term, the SSE MBA program is temporarily suspended. The Stockholm School of Economics is assessing its Master program offerings in accordance with the Bologna accord to make their program compliant with other European MBA programs. []

E Master of Science in Business and Economics

This full-time two year program (120 ECTS Credits) leads to a Master of Science in Business and Economics. All courses are taught in English. Both Swedish and international students are encouraged to apply if they have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. The SSE Master of Science in Business and Economics have five main fields of specialization: • Finance • Economics • Accounting • Management • Marketing and Media Management

E Master of Science in General Management

This program is a two year full-time program (120 ECTS Credits) for students who have earned Bachelor’s degrees in other subjects than business and economics. The program offers students a broad knowledge of general management, thus preparing them for their future careers in business.


*Ruben Rausing, founder of the packaging company Tetra Pak. The Rausing family is today the richest family in the United Kingdom.
*Bertil Ohlin. Professor at the SSE; developed the Heckscher-Ohlin model on international trade and received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1977.
*Jan Carlzon, CEO of SAS Group.

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