Rubing ( pinyin: rǔbǐng) is a firm, fresh goat milk cheese made in the Yunnan Province of China by people of the Bai and Sani (recognized as a branch of the Yi in China) minorities. [ Mozzarella of the East: Cheese-making and Bai culture] ] Its Bai name is "youdbap", meaning "goat's milk". It is made by mixing heated goat's milk and a souring agent, traditionally a mixture called "năiténg" (奶藤; lit. 'milk cane') made from a cultivated vine. It is often served pan fried, and dipped in salt, sugar, or "málà" powder. It may also be stir fried with vegetables in place of tofu. [ photo] Much like paneer or queso blanco, it is an unaged, acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese, but with the aroma of fresh goat's milk.


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*Yunnan cuisine
*Rushan (cheese)

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