Argeş County

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*Dâmboviţa County in the east.
*Vâlcea County and Olt County in the west.
*Sibiu County and Braşov County in the north.
*Teleorman County in the south.


The county is one of the most industrialized counties in Romania. There is one oil refinery and two automobile plants at Mioveni - the Dacia Renault car plant, and at Câmpulung the ARO plant.

The predominant industries in the county are:
* Automotive
* Chemical
* Electrical equipment
* Home appliances
* Food
* Textiles
* Construction materials

Oil is being extracted in the center and in the south. Also there are a few coal mines and close to Mioveni there is a nuclear research and production facility making nuclear fuels for the Cernavodă Nuclear Electric Power Plant. On the Argeş River there are a great number of hydroelectric power plants, the most impressive being the Vidraru power plant and dam.

The hillsides are well suited for wines and fruit orchards, and the south is suited for cereal crops.


The main tourist destinations are:
* The city of Piteşti
* The city of Curtea de Argeş, where one of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania is located
* The Câmpulung - Rucăr area
* The Făgăraş Mountains - the Transfăgărăşan
* The Leaota Mountains
* The Poienari Castle
* The Cotmeana monastery.

Administrative divisions

The county has 3 municipalities, 4 towns and 95 communes.


* Piteşti
* Câmpulung
* Curtea de Argeş


* Mioveni
* Costeşti
* Topoloveni
* Ştefăneşti



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