Spelling Bee (card trick)

The Spelling Bee also known as Cards That Know Their Names, is a magic effect with cards where the magician uses thirteen cards. He then spells out cards one at a time, moving a card from the top of the packet to the bottom for each letter. For example, he spells "Ace", moving one card from the top of the packet to the bottom as he says "A", another as he says "c", and a third as he says "e". The next card is turned over, and it is an ace. The ace is removed from the packet and the process is repeated for "two", "three", and so on, up to "queen", until the magician is holding only one card. This last card is a king.


Before starting the performance, the magician has secretly arranged the thirteen cards in the following order from top to bottom: 3-8-7-A-Q-6-4-2-J-K-10-9-5 for Ace to King. For Two to Ace it is J-4-9-2-K-8-A-5-7-3-Q-10-6

The trick is then performed just as described above.


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