Supper at Emmaus (Caravaggio, Milan)

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"Supper at Emmaus" (1606) is a painting by the Italian master Caravaggio, housed in the Pinacoteca di Brera ( [ Sala XXIX] ), Milan.

In the collection of Marchese Patrizi by 1624 and possibly commissioned by him, references by Caravaggio's early biographers Giulio Mancini and Giovanni Bellori suggest it was painted in the few months after May 1606 when the artist was in hiding on the estates of Prince Marzio Colonna following the death of Ranuccio Tomassoni (see main article, Caravaggio), although it may also have been painted in Rome earlier in the year - the innkeeper's wife seems to be the same as the model for Saint Anne in " Madonna and Child with St. Anne " of 1605, although given the almost complete echoing of pose and lighting, she may have been done from memory. [ (image)]


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