All-star game

An all-star game is an exhibition game played by the best players in their sports league. The players are often chosen by a popular vote of fans of the sport and the game often occurs at the halfway point of the regular season, although this is not the case for some all-star games (such as the Pro Bowl). The method of choosing teams varies, but the selection is usually based upon sub-divisions of the league or the nationalities of the players involved.

All-star games are played as though they are regular games, but since they present a special showcase for skills, they are hardly regular. In baseball, bunts and intentional walks are virtually banned, and the coaches try to get everyone into the game (while constrained by normal substitution rules). In basketball, the defense is soft and everyone tries to score. In hockey, there is no serious checking. In football, there are special rules to prevent the defense from deceiving the offense.

The term "all-star" is not generally used outside North America. Moreover, all-star games are not often played in many sports (such as soccer) that are popular outside North America because such sports play more games between individual nations, which are usually much more popular than all-star games would be. In the United Kingdom, all-star teams (both real and fantasy) are usually denoted with the Roman numeral corresponding to the number of players allowed on the field - for example, a soccer or cricket "XI", a rugby league "XIII" and a rugby union "XV".

Major League Baseball is usually recognized as organizing the first professional league all-star game when it was held as part of the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois. It was the brainchild of Arch Ward, then sports editor for "The Chicago Tribune"." [ All-Star Game History] ", Baseball Almanac.] Initially intended to be a one-time event, its great success resulted in making the game an annual one. Ward's contribution was recognized by Major League Baseball in 1962 with the creation of the "Arch Ward Trophy," given to the All-Star Game's most valuable player each year. [Newman, Mark. " [ All-Star MVP Awaits Your Vote] ",, July 10, 2006.]

Professional all-star games

* Major League Baseball All-Star Game (National League vs. American League)
* National Basketball Association All-Star Game (Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference)
* Philippine Basketball Association All-Star Game (South All-Stars vs. North All-Stars)
* National Hockey League All-Star Game (Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference)
* Pro Bowl - National Football League (American Football Conference vs. National Football Conference) :"Note:" In American football, the term "all-star game" refers to the American Football League All-Star game, last played in 1969; or the College All-Star Game, last played in 1976.
* Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game (Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference)
* Major League Soccer All-Star Game (typically, Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference; however sometimes an MLS all-star team plays a visiting foreign club side or the US National team.)
* NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race (Race winners from previous and current season)
* National Lacrosse League All-Star Game (East Division vs. West Division)
* Major Indoor Soccer League All-Star Game (Format varies)
* Women's National Basketball Association All-Star Game (Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference)
* Triple-A All-Star Game (Baseball; International League vs. Pacific Coast League)

Former events
*Marlboro Challenge (1987-1992, CART series winners from the current and previous seasons)


* E. J. Whitten Legends Game (Victoria vs. Allies)
* AFL Hall of Fame Tribute Match (Victoria vs. Dream Team)


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