Sherrin is a popular brand of football used in Australian rules football and is the official ball of the Australian Football League, designed to its official specifications. It was the first ball designed specifically for the sport.

Sherrin footballs are manufactured by Spalding, owned by Russell Corp Aus P/L, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia from cow hide lined and machine-stitched, but other sized models are often made in India or China, using synthetic rubber.


*720–735 mm circumference.
*545–555 mm from end to end.


The first Australian rules football was invented by T.W. Sherrin in 1880, when he was given a misshapen rugby ball to fix.He designed the Sherrin with indented rather than pointy ends to give the ball a better bounce. Sherrin began production in 1897 in a workshop in Collingwood, which had produced sporting goods since the 1880s.The sport known as football, or "footy", was rapidly increasing in popularity, and Sherrin footballs soon became the icon for being the first ball made for Australian rules football.

Despite Sherrins competition with the also-popular football brand Burley, Sherrin footballs still remain the most popular among leagues, players, and football fans.


**Awarded Prize Medal and First Order of Merit, Adelaide International Exhibition, 1881
**First Order of Merit Melbourne Industrial Exhibition, 1879-80
**Diploma of Merit, Centennial Exhibition, 1888-89
**Certification for use in the VFL
**Certification for use in the AFL

izes, models and colours

Models of the Sherrin football include:

** KB (Kangaroo Brand): The full and correct playing size, made to AFL and most other league specifications.
** Size 4: Smaller than the KB model, popular among players aged 10-13. Usually made from rubber synthetic
** Size 3: Smaller again, and popular among players aged 6-10. Usually made from rubber synthetic
** Lyrebird: Made by Sherrin but slightly different in comparison with other Sherrin models and sizes, with a slightly pointer angle for easier kicking and marking. The Lyrebird model is around $40 cheaper than the KB Sherrin, due to the lower quality and durability. Made from Indian imported leather
** "Soft-Touch": These are made in all sizes, but are made with a soft-dense rubber rather than leather or rubber synthetic, to give the ball a "soft-touch" (also making the ball easier to kick and mark)
** Colours, rubber or leather, different sizes: These are factors for the player/consumer to decide. Sizes 3 and 5 are popular among children aged 6-13, while genuine leather, full-sized KB models (the red coloured KB used for day AFL matches, and the yellow coloured KB used for night-time AFL matches)are popular among players aged 14+, beginners, intermediate, or advanced players. AFL club colours, mascots and logos printed on various sizes of the Sherrin are also popular with fans of the club and players.

The Meaning of "Kangaroo Brand"

The term "kangaroo Brand"(or "KB", KB standing for Kangaroo Brand) refers to a type of Sherrin football. When T.W. Sherrin started manufacturing footballs, several models were produced (such as the "MATCH III" Sherrin), but the "Kangaroo Brand" was Sherrins best-selling, highest-quality, and most favoured and traditional football.


High profile leagues that endorse Sherrin as the official ball include:
* Australia
** VFL
** Queensland State League

The VFL/AFL has used the Sherrin ball since the 1880's. The other major brand of Australian rules football is Burley-Sekem which is used in several state and minor leagues including the SANFL and WAFL.

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