Harghita County

Harghita County

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* Neamţ County and Bacău County to the East.
* Mureş County to the West.
* Suceava County to the North.
* Braşov County and Covasna County to the South.


The county's main industries:
* Wood industry – up to 30%;
* Foods and beverages industry;
* Textile and leather processing;
* Mechanical components.


The main tourist attractions in Harghita county are
* The cities of Miercurea Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Gheorgheni, Topliţa.
* The mountain resorts of
** Băile Tuşnad
** Borsec
** Lacu Roşu
** Izvorul Mureşului
** Harghita Băi


The Harghita County Assembly has 31 members:

Administrative divisions

The county has 4 municipalities, 5 towns, and 58 communes.


* Miercurea Ciuc – county seat; population: 42,029
* Gheorgheni
* Odorheiu Secuiesc
* Topliţa


* Băile Tuşnad
* Bălan
* Borsec
* Cristuru Secuiesc
* Vlăhiţa



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