Hunedoara County

Hunedoara County

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* Alba County in the East and North.
* Arad County, Timiş County and Caraş-Severin County in the West.
* Gorj County in the South.The county is also part of the Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisza Euroregion.


The industry in the Hunedoara county is linked with the mining activity in the region. In the mountains, from ancient times, metals and coal have been exploited. Nowadays, there is one large industrial complex at Hunedoara owned by Mittal Steel . Also energy related enterprises are located in the county - one of the biggest thermoelectric plant is located at Mintia.

The predominant industries in the county are:
* Metallurgy.
* Construction materials.
* Textile industry.
* Mining equipment.
* Food industry.

In the 1990s, a large amount of mines were closed down, leaving Hunedoara county with the highest unemployment rate in Romania, of 9.6%, in comparison to the national average of 5.5%.


Retezat National Park and other picturesque regions makes it one of the most beautiful counties in Romania. Also there can be found Dacians and Romans complexes in the Orăştie Mountains

The main tourist attractions in the county are:
* The Dacian Fortresses of the Orăştie Mountains - nowadays part of UNESCO World Heritage.
* Colonia Augusta Ulpia Traiana Dacica Sarmizegetusa - the capital of the Roman province of Dacia.
* The medieval edifices of Densuş, Deva, Hunedoara, Santămaria-Orlea, Strei.
* The Medieval Castle from Hunedoara

Administrative divisions

The county has 7 municipalities, 7 towns and 55 communes.


* Hunedoara - population: 75,312
* Deva - capital city; population: 69,257
* Brad - population: 16,485
* Lupeni - population: 31,053
* Orăştie - population: 24,174
* Petroşani - population: 45,194
* Vulcan - population: 32,154


* Aninoasa
* Călan
* Geoagiu
* Haţeg
* Petrila
* Simeria
* Uricani



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