Botoşani County

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*Republic of Moldova in the East - Edineţ Raion.
*Suceava County in the West.
*Ukraine in the North - Chernivtsi Oblast.
*Iaşi County in the South.


This is a predominantly agricultural county.

The predominant industries in the county are:
* Textile industry
* Food industry
* Electrical components industry
* Glass and porcelain industry

At Stânca-Costeşti there is one of the greatest hydroelectrical power plants in Romania.


The main tourist attractions in the county are:
* The city of Botoşani with:
** Art galeries Ştefan Luchian - it is the art section of the county museum. It has art masterpieces of Ştefan Lucian, Octav Băncilă and the contemporan work of Ligia Macovei(the best ilusrator of Mihai Eminescu's poetry, sculptures signed by Octav Băncilă and Dan Covataru.
** County library "Mihai Eminescu" - known also as the "Moscovici house" an arhitectural jewel, build in the late XIX-th century, containing arhitectural elements from the French and the German architecture.
** Memorial museum "Octav Onicescu" - that dates from 1995. It is dedicated to the mathematician with the same name. The exhibition is composed of books, diplomas, handwritten papers, and furniture.
* The village Ipoteşti - Mihai Eminescu's birthplace situated 8 km from Botoşani.
* The village Liveni - George Enescu's birthplace.
* The museum of Săveni - Founded in 1964, it is dedicated to archeology, and it covers the settlements and the necropolis of Ripiceni, Miorcani, Draguşeni, Hǎneşti and Săveni.

Administrative divisions

The county has 2 municipalities, 5 towns and 67 communes.


* Botoşani
* Dorohoi


* Darabani
* Săveni
* Flămânzi
* Bucecea
* Ştefăneşti



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