Threes (commonly called Tripps) is a gambling game, played with five dice where the goal is to get the lowest score in any given round.

Rules of the game

Players gather in a circle with five dice. To establish who plays first, each player rolls one die at the start of the game. The player with the highest roll is given the first turn. In the event of a tie roll, the players who tied re-roll and repeat this process until there is a winner.

Each player throws an equal ante amount into the middle of the circle, usually one dollar, and players take their turns in a clockwise order.

The object of the game is to achieve the lowest total score after adding up the values of all five dice, counting threes as zeroes.

A player rolls all five dice and decides which ones to keep. The player can keep as many as he or she wishes, but must keep at least one die each roll. Once a die has been kept, it is out of play for the rest of the turn. This means that a player can have at most five rolls in a turn.

The best possible score is a 0, which happens when a player rolls 3-3-3-3-3, but if any player rolls 6-6-6-6-6, they win instantly and no one else may roll for the remainder of that round.

In the event of a tie, the players who tie throw in an additional ante, equal to the initial ante, and enter a roll-off. The player to roll first in this roll-off is once again decided by rolling one die for high score, as was done when the game started.

The player that wins the round takes all of the money from the middle and a new round starts, with the winner rolling first.

Atlas Rules

Before each round, players ante. An ante can be either monetary or in the form of beer. A game of threes in which players gamble with beer is referred to as "Sippy Dice." In Sippy Dice, players may either award the winner of the round a sip from each of their beers, or a common cup can be used for each player to pour beer into.

To establish the order, players each roll a die simultaneously. Prior to this roll, a player is designated to call either "high" or "low". As the players roll their respective die, the caller calls either high or low, and the player with either the highest or lowest roll wins. In the event of a tie, the players who tied must re-roll, and the previous decision of high or low remains in effect. The winner rolls first, and turns proceed around the circle. All proceeding rounds start with the winner of the previous round.

A player rolls all five dice and decides which ones to keep. The player may keep as many as they desire, but must keep at least one per roll. If a player is unhappy with a roll, the player may opt to keep no dice, but must re-roll and take at least two dice. This option is only available when a player is rolling at least two dice.

If a player rolls and any dice leave the designated play area, the other players must exclaim "That's one!" and player must re-roll. If the player again rolls dice out of the play area, the other players must exclaim "That's two!" and player must re-roll. If this happens three times before the player has completed rolling, the other players must exclaim "That's three!" and the player is automatically disqualified and looks silly.

Dice values and scoring are consistent with traditional Threes. If a player's first roll produces five of the same number (ex: 1-1-1-1-1, 2-2-2-2-2, etc.)that player automatically wins. If a player is the first to roll in a round and consistently rolls high numbers, that player may invoke the "Sadness Rule", thereby forfeiting their turn as not to waste the time of the other players.

In the event of a tie(known as a push), ALL players re-ante and the round is repeated.

Atlas rules also have a strict terminology. The terms refer to either a players final score, or the outcome of a roll.

Scores:1 - Une Balloon2 - Dub Sesh3 - The Name of the Game7 - Sevsbo

Rolls:Two 3's in one roll - Halle BerryThree 3's in one roll - HalliburtonFour 3's in one roll - Hallelujah!

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