Quaternary (disambiguation)

Quaternary (from Latin "quaternarius") is an adjective meaning "consisting of or containing four each", but sometimes (as in geology) taken to mean "fourth" or "fourth hand", where it is used in place of "quartary" to continue the sequence "Primary, Secondary, Tertiary..."

Quaternary may also refer to:
*Quaternary, the geologic time period
*Quaternary numeral system (base-4) in mathematics
*"Quaternary (EP)", an extended play by Mötley Crüe
*Quaternary structure in structural biology
*Quaternary chemistry is an atom of a molecule which is attached to four other atoms, usually carbon. For example R4N+, has a quaternary nitrogen atom
*Quaternary sector of industry, a form of industry which is rapidly advancing

See also

* Primary (1st)
* Binary (2)
* Secondary (2nd)
* Ternary (3)
* Tertiary (3rd)
* Quinary (5)
* Senary (6)
* Septenary (7)
* Octonary (8)
* Novenary (9)
* Nonary (9th)
* Denary (10)
* Undenary (11)
* Duodenary (12)
* Quindenary (15)
* Vicenary (20)
* Sexagenary (60)
* Centenary (100)

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