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altSp=Kabri, Cabra (Crusader name)
date=20-21 May 1948 [Benny Morris (2004): "The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited", ISBN 0521009677, p. XVI, village #38. Also gives cause(s) of depopulation.]
curlocl=Kabri, Ga'aton, Me'ona, Ein Ya'akov, Ma'alot

Al-Kabri was a Palestinian town that was captured by Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Al-Kabri was well known for its many springs, including 'Ayn Mafshuh, 'Ayn Fawwar, 'Ayn al-'Asal, and 'Ayn Kabri, which together were the largest fresh water source in Palestine. The village contains an Aqueduct, built during the Hellenistic period, which supplied ancient Acre with water, and it also contains a water canal, built in the 19th century, for the same purpose.

1948 massacre accounts

A massacre occurred committed by Jewish troops against the town's inhabitants. Al-Kabri was completely destroyed and defaced. Al-Kabri's inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed. [ [ Welcome to al-Kabri] - Palestine Remembered]

cquote|My husband and I left Kabri the day before it fell... At dawn [the next day] , while my husband was preparing for his morning prayer, our friend Raja passed us and urged us to proceed, saying that we should run... It was not too long before we were met by the Jews... They took us and a few other villagers... in an armoured car back to the village. There a Jewish officer interrogated us and, putting a gun to my husband's neck, he said "You are from Kabri?"... The Jews took away my husband, Ibrahim Dabajah, Hussain Hassan al-Khubaizah, Khalil al-Tamlawi, Uthman Iban As'ad Mahmud, and Raja. They left the rest of us... An officer came to me and asked me not to cry. We slept in the village orchards that night. The next morning, Umm Hussain and I went to the village... I saw Umm Taha on the way to the village courtyard. She cried and said "You had better go see your dead husband. I found him. He was shot in the back of the head.|40px|40px|Aminah Muhammad Musa [ [Nazzal, Palestinian Exodus p. 61-61, interviewed at Burj al-Barajnih Camp, Beirut, Lebanon] - 24 February , 1973]



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* [ Welcome to al-Kabri] Palestine Remembered

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