Infobox Weapon
name=SU-14 heavy self-propelled gun

caption=Open top variant of the SU-14
origin=flagcountry|Soviet Union|1923
type=Self-propelled gun
length=? m
width=? m
height=? m
weight=48 tonnes
suspension=Coil spring
speed=22 km/h
vehicle_range= km
primary_armament=152 mm gun (U-30 or BR-2)
secondary_armament=2 DT machine guns
armour=50mm front 30mm side mm
engine=M-17-1T diesel
crew=7 or 8
engine_power=680 hp (? kW)
pw_ratio=? hp/tonne

The SU-14 was a prototype Soviet heavy self-propelled gun built on a T-35 chassis. The SU-14-1 variant of 1936 carried a 152.4 mm B-10 (also called 1935 model) naval cannon which could fire 43.5 kilogram shells at ranges up to 20 km. Its armour was 20 to 30mm thick.

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* [ SPG SU-14-BR2 – Walk around photos]

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