Torch (disambiguation)

A torch is a portable burning light source

Torch may also refer to:

* Torch (band), a Norwegian rock metal band.
* Torch (cocktail), a cocktail
* Torch (rapper), a German rapper
* TORCH infections (aka TORCHES), a medical mnemonic for maternal infections transmitted to the fetus
* The Torch (Elgar), a song by the English composer Edward Elgar
* The Torch (XM), a channel on XM Radio
* "The Torch", St. John's University, the student newspaper of [St. John's University
* "The Torch" (novel), a 1948 science fiction novel by Jack Bechdolt
* blow torch
* flashlight
* Human Torch, the Fantastic Four comic book character
* Operation Torch, the Anglo-American invasion of French North Africa in World War II during the North African Campaign
* oxy-acetylene torch
* propane torch
* Robert Torricelli, a U.S. Senator from New Jersey nicknamed "the Torch"
* The Marina Torch, a skyscraper under construction in Dubai
* The Olympic Torch
* "Torch" (album), the unreleased third studio album by Blaque

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