Political decorations of the Nazi Party

Political decorations of the Nazi Party were medals and awards issued by the National Socialist German Workers Party between1920 and 1945. Political awards were authorized for wear on any paramilitary uniform of Nazi Germany, as well as civilian attire, but were generally frowned upon for display on active duty military uniforms of the Wehrmacht. The one exception to this were the uniforms of the Waffen-SS, which freely mixed political awards and military decorations.

The various degrees of Nazi Party decorations are as follows:

Political Decorations

{| align="center" border="1" cellpadding="1" ! style="background:#efefef;" |The Blood Order ! style="background:#efefef;" |Golden Nazi Party Badge

Golden Nazi Party Badge

The first 100,000 members who had joined the Nazi Party had the right to wear the "Golden Nazi Party Badge" (shown above).

Other Nazi Badges

* Coburg Badge
* Nuremberg Party Day Badge (1929)
* Brunswick Rally Badge
* Frontbann Badge
* Danzig Cross ("Awarded in 1st and 2nd Classes")
* NSDAP Service Ribbon: "Awarded for 10, 15, and 25 years of service"
* Honor Chevron of the Old GuardDesignated those who joined the Party before Hitler became Chancellor. It was worn on the right sleeve. [http://dayofdefeat.net/forums/showthread.php?t=58498]
* Steel Helmet Veterans Memorial BadgeFor membership in the Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten.

Gau Decorations

The leaders of Nazi policial districts (known as the Gauleiter) were empowered to bestow Gau Badges for a variety of services rendered to the local political organization. The badges were issued in Silver and Gold with some issuances in Bronze. They were rarely issued in Gold with Diamonds.

List of the Gau badges:

* Standard Gau Badge
* Munich Gau Badge
* Berlin Gau Badge
* Thuringia Gau Badge
* East Hannover Gau Badge
* East Prussia Gau Badge
* Baden Gau Badge
* Essen Gau Badge
* Danzig Gau Badge
* Wartheland Gau Badge
* Sudetenland Gau Badge

and Police Decorations

* Germanic Proficiency Runes ("Silver and Bronze")
* SS Chevron (for Former Police)
* SS Membership Runes (for Order Police)
* Police Service Ribbon: "Awarded for 8, 18, and 25 years of service"

ports Decorations

* SA Sports Badge ("Gold, Silver, and Bronze")
* SA Sports Badge for War Wounded

NSDAP Flyer Corps Decorations

* Powered Aircraft Badge
* Glider Pilot's Badge
* Balloon Pilot's Badge

Hitler Youth Decorations

* Golden Hitler Youth Badge with Oakleaves
* Golden Hitler Youth Badge
* Hitler Youth Badge for Distinguished Foreigners
* Hitler Youth Badge
* Hitler Youth Leader's Sports Badge
* Hitler Youth Skier Badge
* Hitler Youth Marksmanship Badge
* Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge

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