Sport at the University of Adelaide

Sport at the University of Adelaide is primarily organised by the Adelaide University Sports Association (AUSA). Other bodies affiliated to the University of Adelaide providing sport include the various sports clubs forming part of the residential colleges and the Roseworthy Agricultural Campus Student Union Council (RACSUC).

Adelaide University Sports Association

The Adelaide University Sports Association (AUSA) was founded in 1896 by the Adelaide University Boat, Tennis and Lacrosse Clubs [ [ The Blacks - University of Adelaide Sports Association - Home ] ] . The Association is affiliated to the Adelaide University Union [ [ Adelaide University Union - Student Site ] ] (AUU) and University of Adelaide.

In 2006 funding for the AUSA was dramatically reduced by the implementation of the Australian Government's Voluntary Student Unionism legislation [ [ Uni and union forge the way ahead ] ] . The AUSA until this point in time received an annual grant of approximately $A500,000 from the AUU. The University of Adelaide will provide a low level of financial support to the AUSA from 1st January 2007.

The AUSA supports 37 sporting club [ [ School of Economics | Resources and Support Services ] ] that provide a diverse range of sporting opportunities to students of the University of Adelaide (AU). The AUSA is a major stakeholder in the AU North Terrace Campus based Sports Hub fitness centre [ [ Students win in Sports Hub expansion ] ] and the North Adelaide based university playing fields.

Throughout its history the AUSA has had to deal with the vagaries of the student politics of the AUU. Although separately incorporated the AUSA has never received independent funding from the Student Services Fee (the 'Union' Fee). In the past a sports fee was disallowed by the South Australian state parliament. The traditionally cosy relationship between the AUSA and AUU has seen the AUSA make few decisions to obtain separate funding or facilities. Unlike other 'Sandstone' or 'Great Eight' universities the AU has limited space for facilities and must rely on a tenuous permit system operated by the City of Adelaide to occupy sporting fields.

The AUSA is incorporated in South Australia as a not for profit society under the Associations and Incorporations Act. The association is administered by an executive officer and assisted by an administrative and projects officer. Governance is through an elected board of management inclusive of annually elected executive committee - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, 6 two year term general board members and a University nominee. Constituent clubs elect 3 general board members at the annual general meeting, the executive members are elected by general student franchise.

Founding sporting clubs

Adelaide University Boat Club

The Adelaide University Boat Club (AUBC) was founded in 1881 and is one of South Australia's premier rowing clubs. The AUBC is a member club of Rowing SA (South Australian Rowing Association).

The AUBC operates from the Torrens River in the city of Adelaide, and from West Lakes (near Port Adelaide). The city boathouse was donated by Robert Barr Smith in 1909. The West Lakes Boathouse is shared with the other South Australian rowing clubs and is administered by Rowing SA.

The main focus of the AUBC is to provide rowing for the students of the University of Adelaide. Each year the club competes in the Rowing Intervarsity (IV) and local and national regattas. The premier event at IV is the Oxford and Cambridge Cup (a silver cup similar in style to the Americas Cup) for Men's Eights. The cup was donated by Old Blues of Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the 1890s.

Past members have included Olympians Kate Slatter (Women's Pair Gold and Silver medallist), Jaime Fernandez (Men's Eight Silver) and Tim Willoughby (Men's Eight Bronze), as well as lightweight World Champion Amber Halliday.

Adelaide University Tennis Club

The Adelaide University Tennis Club (AUTC) was founded in 1885. The club was instrumental in the founding of the Adelaide University Sports Association. The AUTC is a lawn tennis club.

Adelaide University Lacrosse Club

The Adelaide University Lacrosse Club (AULC) was founded in 1889 by Nobel Prize wining Professor William Henry Bragg [ Lacrosse - The Blacks - University of Adelaide Sports Association ] ] . It is one of the oldest lacrosse clubs in South Australia and is a founding member of the AUSA [ [ The Blacks - University of Adelaide Sports Association - Home ] ] . The AULC takes part in an annual competition against the Melbourne University Lacrosse Club and competes locally in the Lacrosse South Australia competition. Club membership is focused on University of Adelaide students and graduates. Other non students are also members. The AULC trains on the University of Adelaide's Park 10 sports fields in North Adelaide.

Rhodes Scholars

The AULC has 7 Rhodes Scholars.
*1909 Kenneth Fry, a noted anthropologist and medical practitioner [ [ Fry, Henry Kenneth (1886 - 1959) Biographical Entry - Australian Dictionary of Biography Online ] ]
*1917 Sir Hugh William Bell Cairns, noted neurosurgeon. [ [ Cairns, Sir Hugh William Bell (1896 - 1952) Biographical Entry - Australian Dictionary of Biography Online ] ]
*1925 Myles Landseer Formby, a World War II surgeon [] [ [ Biography of Brigadier Myles Landseer Formby ] ] .
*1939 Duncan Campbell Menzies, army officer. Died after being tortured by the Japanese in Burma whilst on patrol with the Chindits during World War II [ [ BBC - WW2 People's War - A Highland Chindit ] ] [ The Blacks - University of Adelaide Sports Association - The Blacks - University of Adelaide Sports Association ] ] .
*1955 Ian Cameron Bonython Wilson, a South Australian politician and lawyer .
*1976 Mark Rogers Mussared, a South Australian medical practitioner [ Microsoft Word - sarhodesscholars.doc ] ] .
*1983 David Alexander C Robertson

University Blues

An Adelaide University Blue is awarded for excellence in a particular sport. The awarding of a Blue is usually for competing in a state or national team. The AULC has 134 full Blues awarded to members since 1908. Many more half blues and club letters have also been awarded [ [ The Blues - The Blacks - University of Adelaide Sports Association ] ] .

A Grade Premierships

The AULC has won 5 A grade premierships since 1893.

Other sporting clubs

Adelaide University Football Club

The Adelaide University Football Club was officially formed on 26th March, 1906 and became affiliated with the Sports Association two weeks later on 9th April, 1906. Prior to this time, there was no University Football team competing in a regular competition; however games were arranged on an irregular basis.

The earliest reference to football at University was found in a PAC School Chronicle of 1885. The report stated that Adelaide University could not organize a full side for a Saturday game; however there were enough available for a mid-week game. This was arranged for Wednesday 19th June, 1885 and several League players and old scholars from PAC comprised the side. University lost this encounter 4.11 to 1.1.

The Blacks were successful in winning the A Grade Premiership in the following years 1911, 1912, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1926, 1929, 1932, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1968, 1969, 1974, 1975, 1986, 1996, 1999. In 2006 the Blacks were runners up to Goodwood Saints 10.12 72 - 18.11 119.

Adelaide University Touch Club

Touch Football is a game derived from rugby league, where tackling and kicking are outlawed. The Adelaide University Touch Club was formed in 1983 and joined the Sports Association in 1985. It is the largest touch football club in South Australia. The club has players ranging from complete begineers to players who have represented Australia and England at international tournaments. The club enters teams in the local park touch competition in both single sex grades and mixed grades in both summer and winter competitions. During summer the club runs a mixed competition at the Waite Campus of the University.

Roseworthy campus

RACSUC is an affiliate of the Adelaide University Union. It represents the interests of students at Roseworthy Campus and runs activities including orientation, sports and other social events. Up until the 1980s sport at Roseworthy was organied by the Roseworthy Agricultural College Sports Union founded in 1927 [ [ Corporate Information ] ] . Sports included athletics, cricket, football, golf, judo, rifle shooting, rugby union [ [ Barossa Rams About Us ] ] , swimming, table tennis, tennis, and water polo.

Intercollegiate Sport - High Table Cup

There have been two cups awarded for the Intercollegiate Sport championship between Adelaide University Colleges, both with the generic title of "High Table Cup". The "College Cup" was donated by the High Table of St. Mark's College in the 1950s, and remained in use until 1995 when the "Douglas Irving Cup" was donated.

Current participants are the College Clubs of Aquinas College, Flinders University Hall, Lincoln College, St. Ann's College and St Mark's College.

It should be noted that whilst the majority of participants are from the University of Adelaide, most residential colleges also accept students from other South Australian Universities and technical colleges, who are also able to participate in the competition.

There are 11 sports in the championship. They are (in chronological order) tennis, swimming (mixed), cricket, basketball, debating (mixed), Australian Rules Football, netball, soccer, table tennis, field hockey, volleyball and athletics (mixed).

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