:"For the group of cracid birds, see Guan (bird). For the wind instrument, see Guan (instrument)".

Guan may refer to either of two Chinese family names (both rendered in Cantonese as Kwoan, or also in English as Kuan, Kwan, Quan, or Quon).The two names are as follows:

Guan (zh-cpwl|c=關/关|p=guān| w=kuan1|l=shut; close; barrier)

Prominent people named Guān include:
*Guan Yu (關羽, 160 – 219 CE), general of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms era
*Guan Ping (關平,? – 219), Guan Yu's son, also a general of Shu Han
*Guan Hanqing (關漢卿, c. 1241 – 1320), playwright
*Nancy Kwan (關家蒨, b. 1939), Chinese-American actress
*Jade Kwan (關心妍, b. 1979), Cantopop singer
*Michelle Kwan (關穎珊, b. 1980), Chinese-American competitive figure skater
*Stanley Kwan (關錦鵬, b. 1957), Hong Kong director and producter

Guan (zh-cpwl|c=管|p=guǎn| w=kuan3|l=pipe/tube/duct; a woodwind instrument; to manage/control)Prominent people named Guǎn include:
*Guan Zhong (管仲, ? – 645 BCE), Legalist philosopher and politician
*Guan Pinghu, (管平湖, 1897 - 1967), Chinese guqin musician

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