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Future US (formerly Imagine Media and The Future Network USA) is a United States media corporation specializing in targeted magazines and websites in the video games, music, and technology markets. Future US is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in New York City, New York andLos Angeles. Future US is owned by parent company, Future Publishing plc, an international publishing company based in the United Kingdom.

Its magazines include:

* "Official Xbox Magazine"
* "Maximum PC"
* "PC Gamer"
* "Guitar World"
* "MacLife" (formerly "MacAddict")
* "Nintendo Power" (formerly published by Nintendo)
* ""
* "Pregnancy"
* "Revolver"

Future also publishes "Cheat Planet", the largest cheat code database on the World Wide Web, as well as "Next Generation", a US game-industry news website. In January, 2006, Future launched GamesRadar, a video and computer games site, in the United States and the UK.


Founded in 1985 in the UK by Chris Anderson (not to be confused with the Chris Anderson, "Wired"'s Editor-In-Chief and author of the "The Long Tail") Future Publishing was the fastest growing UK publisher of the nineties. From a start in computer and video games magazines, Future successfully diversified into sports, entertainment, computing and general interest magazines eventually becoming the UK's fourth largest publisher.

Anderson left Future in 1993 to start Imagine Media in San Francisco and found equal success in the U.S. In June, 1999, Future and Imagine merged to form the Future Network PLC, a company floated on the London Stock Exchange (symbol FUTR).

Buoyed by the Internet economy and the success of Business 2.0 in the US (and subsequently in the UK, France, Italy and Germany), Future rode the boom of the late nineties. During this period the company won the exclusive worldwide rights to produce the official magazine for Microsoft's Xbox video game console and cemented its position as a leader in the games market.

In the spring of 2001, buffeted by economic factors and the market downturn, Future Network USA went through a strategic reset of its business that included the closure of some titles and Internet operations and the sale of "Business 2.0" to AOL/Time Warner.

By early fall 2002, Imagine Media had refocused on its core business, publishing five games and technology magazines: "Official Xbox Magazine", "PC Gamer", "PSM - 100% Independent PlayStation 2 magazine", "Maximum PC" and "MacAddict". It was then that Imagine became Future Network USA, adopting the name of its parent company, Future plc.

Future used this strong portfolio and its strength in creating media for young men as a platform for growth into the action sports and music markets. In December, 2005, after three years of organic growth and strategic acquisition, Future Network USA became Future US, to reflect its diversification into markets beyond games and technology.

In 2005, Future US made its first venture into the women’s market with the launch of Scrapbook Answers and with the addition of Women’s Health & Fitness, Pregnancy, and Decorating Spaces, to its portfolio of titles with the Future plc acquisition of Highbury House plc.

On September 19th, 2007, Nintendo and "Future" announced that "Future US" would obtain the publishing rights to Nintendo Power magazine. This came into effect with the creation of issue #222 (December 2007). [cite web | url=http://onnintendo.com/Index.aspx?page=1&more=1&post=44&year=2007&month=9 | work=OnNintendo.com | title=Future officially takes over Nintendo Power | author="Megaton" | accessdate=2007-09-19]

On October 1st, 2007, it was announced that "Future US" would be making , which ended up replacing PSM and first hit newsstands in November 2007.

Defunct Titles

* "Daily Radar"
* "Decorating Spaces"
* "Do!"
* "Future Music"
* "Future Snowboarding Magazine"
* "Guitar One"
* "Guitar World Acoustic"
* "Guitar World Legends"
* "Guitar World's Bass Guitar"
* "Maximum Linux"
* "Men's Edge"
* "Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine"
* "PC Accelerator"
* "PSM"
* "Revolution"
* "Scrapbook Answers"
* "Skateboard Trade News"
* "Snowboard Trade News"
* "T3"
* "The Net"
* "Total Movie"
* "Women's Health & Fitness"


External links

* [http://www.futureus.com/ Future US]

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