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The Archives of Internal Medicine is a bi-monthly international peer-reviewed professional medical journal published by the American Medical Association. "Archives of Internal Medicine", begun in 1908, publishes original, peer-reviewed manuscripts on a full spectrum of internal medicine topics including cardiovascular disease, geriatrics, infectious disease, gastroenterology, endocrinology, allergy, and immunology.

The Archives of Internal Medicine, which publishes 22 times per year, has a a print circulation of over 100 000 physicians in 75 countries. The Archives of Internal Medicine's recent acceptance rate is about 10%. The average time from receipt to first decision is 12 days; from receipt to final decision, 14 days; from submission to publication, 152 days. The Editor of the Archives of Internal Medicine is Philip Greenland, MD, Executive Associate Dean, Clinical and Translational Research, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, Ill (see Archives Editorial Board).

The journal's impact factor was 8.0 in 2005 and 8.7 in 2006, ranking near the top among over 100 general and internal medicine titles.

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