Jordan (Katie Price)

Jordan (Katie Price)

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birthname = Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield
birthdate = birth date and age|df=yes|1978|05|22
location = Brighton, East Sussex, England
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deathplace =
height = height|ft=5|in=4
haircolor = Black
eyecolor = Green
measurements = 32G-24-30, Size 6 [ "Our Supporting Role"] , by Sarah Arnold, "Sunday Mirror", 19 November 2006. Archived on Retrieved 2007-11-10.]
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Katie André (née Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield; born 22 May 1978), also known as Katie Price and professionally as Jordan, is a former English glamour model, television personality, magazine columnist, writer, singer and businesswoman. Her personal life is regularly featured in British tabloids and celebrity-based magazines. She is married to singer Peter André with whom she has two children, and she also has a child from a previous relationship.

Early life

Born Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield [cite web|url=|title=Katie Price: Celeb Profile||accessdate=2008-07-06] in Brighton, England, where she was raised. Her maternal grandmother is Jewish. [cite web|url=|title=Price is right|accessdate=2007-09-17|author=Leslie Bunder|date=2006-11-24|] cite news | last =| first =| coauthors=| title =Ms Price, who is halachically Jewish...| pages=1| publisher =the Jewish Chronicle| date =2006-11-24 | url =| accessdate =2006-11-27 ] She took the surname Price after her mother remarried following the split from her biological father when she was a child. Price has an older brother named Daniel and a younger half sister, Sophie Price. [cite book|last=Price|first=Katie|title=Being Jordan: My Autobiography|publisher=John Blake|year=2006|pages=2, 3, 4|isbn=1-844-54224-6] She also attended a secondary school in Hove called Blatchington Mill.

Her decision to start modeling came after a friend suggested she have some professional photographs done. The pictures were sent to a modeling agency in London, and to her surprise, the agency invited her into their studios for a photo shoot and to discuss a contract. Within weeks she began appearing on 'Page 3' of the "The Sun" newspaper (topless modelling). It was at this time that she assumed the name "Jordan" when somebody in the photoshoot disapproved her using her real name and felt Jordan would be best suited for her.fact|date=July 2008



Although she was already a well-established model, with frequent appearances on Page 3 and in men's lifestyle magazines to her credit, Jordan was still insecure about the size of her breasts, believing that breast implants would make her look better. Despite protests from friends and family, Jordan underwent the operation, increasing her cup size from a B to a D. [cite web|url=|title=Jordan Does Jersey||accessdate=2008-06-03]

Appearances in "Playboy" special editions

Jordan appeared in six volumes of "Playboy's Book of Lingerie" from 1997 to 1999.

*"Playboy's Book of Lingerie" Vol. 58 November 1997 — Byron Newman, pages 24-25.
*"Playboy's Book of Lingerie" Vol. 59 January 1998 — Byron Newman, pages 84-89.
*"Playboy's Book of Lingerie" Vol. 60 March 1998 — pages 44–47.
*"Playboy's Book of Lingerie" Vol. 61 May 1998 — pages 34–35.
*"Playboy's Book of Lingerie" Vol. 65 January 1999 — pages 22–23.
*"Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens" Vol. 7 April 2003 — cover.


During the 7 June 2001, British General Election, Jordan ran as a candidate in Stretford and Urmston under her real name using the slogan: 'For a Bigger and Betta Future'. As part of her election campaign, which was intended to bring a little fun into a dull election, she promised free breast implants, increases on nudist beaches, and a ban on parking tickets. [cite web|url=|title=Jordan Presses the Flesh|accessdate=2007-04-18|date=2001-05-31|publisher = BBC] In the end, Jordan won 713 votes [cite web|url=|title=Independent Doctor Triumphs|accessdate=2007-04-18|date=2001-06-08|publisher=BBC] , 1.8% of the votes cast.


In an attempt to cross over from modelling to other areas, Price auditioned for a part on the television series "Baywatch" in 1998, guest presented "The Big Breakfast" and played herself in an episode of "Dream Team".

Jordan (now preferring to be known to the public as Katie Price while not modeling) began 2004 by appearing on the reality TV series "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!", alternately falling out with John Lydon and flirting in the jungle with singer Peter Andre whom she eventually married. She appeared in several Bushtucker trials, including one where she had to brave a tank full of small, harmless jellyfish for points. Although she performed well, she gave up on account of the creatures becoming trapped in her bikini, prompting her to drag herself out of the water in hysterics. Price appeared on "Top Gear"'s Star in a Reasonably Priced Car on 23 May 2004. She completed the lap in 1:52s. She also made a cameo appearance playing herself in an episode of the television drama series "Footballers' Wives" and appeared in the programme "Jordan Gets Even for Five".

She appeared in the documentaries "Jordan: Living With a dream " (Channel 4), "Jordan: The Truth About Me", "Jordan: Model Mum", "Jordan: You Don't Even Know Me" (BBC Choice), "Jordan Gets Even" (Five) and the series "When Jordan Met Peter" (ITV), "Jordan & Peter: Laid Bare" (ITV2), "Jordan & Peter: Marriage and Mayhem" (ITV2), and the "Katie & Peter" series, including "" (ITV2) and "Katie & Peter: The Baby Diaries". "Katie & Peter" was also successful in the United States, where it aired on E!, helping to establish Jordan's fame State-side. [cite web|url=|title=On E! "Katie & Peter" Official U.S Website]

In summer 2005, Jordan was one of many guest hosts of the first series of "The Friday Night Project". In December 2005 she released an exercise fitness DVD "The Jordan Workout" featuring "The Juice Master" Jason Vale.

"" began on Friday 19 October 2007 at 9pm on ITV2. [cite web|url=|title=Jordan decides on daughter's name|accessdate=2007-07-24|date=2007-07-24|publisher=BBC News] A new series titled, "Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter Down Under" aired on ITV2 on 27 March 2008 at 9pm running for 13 weeks.cite news|url=,,2267023,00.html|title=Who wants to be a billionaire?|last=Hattenstone|first=Simon |publisher="The Guardian"|accessdate=2008-07-06]


Under the name Katie Price, she was one of the acts competing for the right to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005, to be held in Ukraine. On 5 March 2005, singing a song titled "Not Just Anybody", wearing a skin tight pink catsuit whilst heavily pregnant, she lost the public vote, coming in second place in the pre-selection show "Making Your Mind Up", behind Javine. The other contestants were the 1996 UK entrant Gina G, as well as Andy Scott-Lee, and the group Tricolore. [cite web|url=|title=Javine wins UK Eurovision contest|accessdate=2007-03-18|date=2005-03-05|publisher=BBC Online]

Price and André released a duets album on 27 November 2006 titled "A Whole New World", with all proceedings going to their chosen charities affiliated with the many health conditions of her eldest son, Harvey. The album debuted at #20 in the UK album chart and achieved platinum status. [ BBC Radio1] Album chart of 3 December 2006 Accessed: 4 December 2006]

Published works

To coincide with her appearance on "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" earlier in the year, Price released the first of three autobiographies – "Being Jordan" – in May 2004. Initially turned down by the mainstream publishing houses after demanding a £1 million advance, she was eventually signed up by small independent publisher John Blake, a former tabloid journalist, for £10,000 plus royalties. In a departure from industry norms, she conducted a 10 day book signing tour which provoked enough interest, contrary to expectations, almost exclusively female, to propel her to first position in the Nielsen BookScan hardback sales chart and to sell 97,090 copies in little over a year and over one million, as of January 2007. [cite news
last = Barkham
first = Patrick
title = I'm famous, buy me
publisher = The Guardian
date = 15 January 2007
url =,,1990564,00.html
] cite news
last = Kean
first = Danuta
title = Bookshop Bingo!
work = Independent on Sunday
publisher =
date = 24 September 2006
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] [cite news
title = Hardback general
publisher = The Times
date = 29 May 2004
url =
] [cite web
last = Dolby
first = Trevor
title = Publishing confessions
publisher = Prospect Magazine
month = January | year = 2007
url =

Her second autobiography – "Jordan: A Whole New World" – detailing her wedding and family life reached number two in the hardback general category, selling 198,105 copies by 1 April 2006. [cite news
title = The Sunday Times bestsellers
publisher = The Sunday Times
date = 9 April 2006
url =
] Price's third autobiography "Pushed to the Limit" was released in February 2008. [ [ Katie Price Official Fanclub - Pushed To The Limit - Available Now! ] ]

Her first ghostwritten novel, "Angel", about a young woman who becomes a model, was published in June 2006, and sold 300,000 copies in six weeks.cite news
last = Lusher
first = Adam
title = Man Booker Prize 2007: Why Jordan is better read than Ian McEwan
publisher = The Daily Telegraph
date = 23 September 2007
url =
] Her second ghostwritten novel, "Crystal", about a young woman's efforts to become a singer, sold 159,407 copies during the first three months after its release in June 2007.All four books were ghostwritten by Rebecca Farnworth. [cite news
url =,,1733919,00.html
title = The pen pushers
author = Tim Adams
date = 19 March 2006
publisher = The Observer
] [cite news
url =
title = Let’s hear it for Katie Price, role model
author = Carol Midgley
date = 19 July 2007
publisher = Times Online

In 2006 Price signed a £300,000 advance with Random House for "Katie Price's Perfect Ponies", a series of children's books, which were released in 2007.cite news
last = Forrest
first = Susanna
title = Why girls still sign up for the pony club
publisher = The Daily Telegraph
date = 14 July 2007
url =
] A title from that series, "My Pony Care Book", was nominated for the WH Smith's Children's Book of the Year. In 2008, she released a new children's book series entitled "Mermaids & Pirates". [ [ Jordan the Buxom Mermaid Makes a Splash at book signing, Daily Mail] ] .

Price continues to write a regular advice column in "OK!" magazine.


*"Being Jordan" (2004)
*"Jordan: A Whole New World" (2006)
*"Angel" (2006)
*"Crystal" (2007)
*"Katie Price's Perfect Ponies" (2007)
*"Jordan: Pushed to the Limit" (2008)
*"Angel Uncovered" (2008)
*"Katie Price's Mermaids and Pirates" (2008)
*"Just Jordan" (2009)


In October 2003, Price appeared in an advertising campaign for the supermarket chain "Kwik Save". To publicise the chain's promotion to cut the prices of their leading lines in half, Price was sawed in half by magician Peter McCahon. [ [ 0172 MagicWeek UK Magic News ] ]

In November 2006, Price launched The Katie Price Lingerie Collection in conjunction with Panache available exclusively at Asda stores, as well as a follow-up jewellery deal with Argos.

In 2007, Price was announced as the new face of Foxy Bingo and launched a hair care range at Superdrug. She also brought out her first perfume, Stunning in August. Her second perfume, Besotted, is released in shops on 24 September.

In 2008, Price signed a deal with Derby House to launch her own horse care range. She will be promoting it at the Burgely Horse Show in September.


In October 2006, an article was published in "The Daily Mail" called "The Chav Rich List". Price and her husband Peter Andre were ranked at #2, second only to David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. The article reported that with an estimated fortune of £30 million and rising, Price currently stands as one of the richest women in Britain. [cite web|url=
title=The Chav Rich List|accessdate=2007-09-17|author=Natasha Pearlman|date=2006-10-06|publisher=The Daily Mail

Personal life

As her career began to blossom, Jordan embarked on several brief relationships with celebrities and sports stars including footballers Teddy Sheringham, Dwight Yorke and the TV Gladiator 'Ace' (real name Warren Furman).cite web|url=|title=Two faces of Jordan|accessdate=2007-03-18|author=Catherine Deveney|date=2006-02-05|publisher=The Scotsman] Jordan had a much publicised relationship with Dane Bowers of the boy band Another Level. She had an abortion after discovering he had cheated on her.

On 27 May 2002, she gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Harvey Daniel Price choosing the name Harvey after her grandfather, and Daniel after her brother. Harvey's father is the Sunderland footballer Dwight Yorke, although the relationship ended before the child was born. Jordan has said she intended to have the birth shown live over the Internet, but changed her mind later and decided to keep it private. Harvey was born at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, his birth being induced as he was two weeks overdue. [cite web|url=|title=Jordan keeps baby Harvey under wraps|accessdate=2007-03-18|date=2002-05-28|publisher=The Argus] He was found to be blind, having a condition known as septo-optic dysplasia, meaning that his optic nerve hadn't developed correctly. Harvey has had multiple stays in hospital including on New Years Eve 2006 following an accident at their home. [cite web|url=,,4-2007000116,00.html|title=Jordan's fear for burnt child|accessdate=2007-03-18|coauthors=Danielle Lawler and Vcitoria Newton|date=2007-01-02|publisher=The Sun (U.K.)]

That same year, Jordan was treated for cancer. She had a leiomyosarcoma on her finger which was removed at a Nuffield Hospital near her Brighton home. [cite web|url=|title=Jordan treated for cancer|accessdate=2007-03-18|date=2002-08-11|publisher=BBC Online]

In February 2005 Price announced that she was 5 months pregnant, with Peter André's child. Price gave birth by Caesarean section to her second child, a 5lb 13oz (2,636 g) boy named Junior Savva Andreas Andre, on 13 June 2005. On 10 September 2005, she married André at Highclere Castle, Hampshire. In July 2006, it was announced that she had suffered a miscarriage - she was three and a half months pregnant with a baby girl. [cite web|url=| title = Jordan's tragic miscarriage|accessdate=2007-03-18|author=Kristina Pedersen|date=2006-07-20|publisher=The Daily Mail]

On 29 June 2007 Price gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Princess Tiáamii Crystal Esther Andre. [cite web|url=|title=Jordan decides on daughter's name|accessdate=2007-07-24|date=2007-07-24|publisher=BBC News]

In December 2007, Price underwent surgery in the U.S. to reduce the size of her breast implants. However, she was not happy with the results, so returned to Beverly Hills, California in July 2008 for corrective surgery. She returned to the UK five days later, showing off much smaller breasts, a size 32C. [cite web|url=| title = Downsizing Jordan: How Katie Price shrank her assets in time for Christmas|accessdate=2008-02-20|date=2007-12-27|publisher=The Evening Standard]

Katie Price and Peter André renewed their wedding vows secretly in September 2008, as she hinted on LK Today on 23 September 2008.


Price and her husband Peter André were criticized for sexually explicit behavior in the reality show called "". In taping the show the couple re-enacted sex scenes and had inappropriate discussions about sex in front of their children. [cite news|url=|title=It WAS disgusting but we got carried away, Jordan admits after complaints reality show was too sexually explicit|date=20h08-14-17|publisher="Daily Mail"] The couple later accepted damages from the "News of the World" newspaper after it made similar accusations about their parental abilities. [cite web|url=|title=Jordan and Andre accept damages|date=2008-07-03|]



;"A Whole New World"
* Released: 27 November 2006
*Label: Sony BMG
*Peak UK Album Chart: #20
*UK copies: 100,000
*Certification: Gold

Musical performances

* "When I Fall In Love", during Westlife's She's The One special, on ITV (18 December 2004)
* "Not Just Anybody", live on GMTV (25 February 2005)
* "Not Just Anybody, BBC1 "Making Your Mind Up" (5 March 2005)
* "A Whole New World" (with Peter André), Children in Need (18 November 2005)
* "A Whole New World" (with Peter André), The Royal Variety Performance (2006)
* "The Best Things in Life Are Free" (with Peter André), Children in Need (17 November 2006)


*2007 - "Cosmopolitan"'s "Woman of the Year" [cite news|last=Thomas|first=Lesley|title=Jordan? Woman of the year? Are we mad?|publisher=The Daily Telegraph|date=11 November 2007|url=]
*2007 - named by Grattan as "Celebrity Mum of the Year" [cite web|url=
title=Jordan Wins Grattan Celebrity Mum Award|accessdate=2007-11-25|date=2007-03-15|publisher=Daily Mirror


External links

* [ Official Site]
* [ Katie Price's Perfect Ponies website]
* [ KP Equestrian]

NAME = Infield, Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis
ALTERNATIVE NAMES = Jordan; Price, Katie; Andre, Katie; André, Katie
SHORT DESCRIPTION = English glamour model, television personality
DATE OF BIRTH = 22 May 1978
PLACE OF BIRTH = Brighton, England

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