Situationist Times

"The Situationist Times" ran to six issues edited and published by Jacqueline de Jong between May 1962 and December 1964 in Hengelo (The Netherlands), Copenhagen and Paris, in editions of between 1,000-2,000. Contributors include: Theo Wolvecamp, de Jong, Armando, Vanderkamm, Gruppe SPUR, de Boer, Edle Hansen, Singer, Gordon Fazarkely, M. Bucaille, G. Hay, Asger Jorn, P. Schat, Noel Arnaud, Pierre Alechinsky, Boris Vian, and many others.

No. 3

This issue is the "International British Edition";

No. 4

This issue deals with labyrinths;

No. 5

This issues deals with the Ring , the interlaced ring and consequently the Chain.:a letter from Luc d'Heusch,:"Mind and Sense" by Asger Jorn:"Der Kleine Bootsmann" (seventeenth century Danish poem):"Art and Orders" by Asger Jorn:"Regular forms of closed non-orientabe surfaces" by Lech Tomaszewski:Extract from "Het Verleden van Oost-Europa" by Dr. Z. R. Diettrich:Extract from "Topology" by Patterson:"Cosmogonie annulaires", "Port d'Anneau" and "Structure d'Anneau" by Max Bucaille:"Von den Polyeder zu den gekrümmten Flächen" by Professor W. Lietzmann:Origin et géénéologie d'Anneau" by Max Bucaille:"Forgotten knowledge of the universe in the children's hopscotch" by Virtus Schade:"L'infini du doigt" by Max Bucaille:"L'anneau retrouvé" - folk tale from Kashmir:"Cercles mysterieux" by Max Bucaille:"Ringsleken en Ringrijden" - Children's game:"Noeds et dénouments" by D. G. Emmerich:"Die Legende des Heiligen Oswald":"Cinétisations" by Pol Bury:"What goes up still goes down" by Dr Narlikar and Professor Fred Hoyle:"Kreisen, Kreissegementen und Wellenlinien usw. by F. van der Waals:"Die Parabel des 3 Ringe (Nathan der Weise)" Gotthold Ephraim Lessing:"Some mathematical aspects" by H. C. Doets:"Tournures" by D. G. Emmerich:"Venus de l'île" by Mérimée:Extract from the Opera "The Labyrinth" by Peter Schat:Drawings b Karl Pelgram:Poems and drawings by Jim Ryan:"No happy returns for me" by E. Mazman

No. 6

(International Parisian Edition) contains 33 lithographs (Alechinsky, Klasen, Jorn, Wifredo Lam, Roberto Matta, Topor, Saura.)

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