Hit and the acronym HIT may refer to:

* Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence, Fluid Dynamics

* Hit (baseball)
* High intensity training, a form of strength training

* "Hit" (album), by Peter Gabriel
* "Hits" (disambiguation), for albums with that title
* Hit Records, a record label
* Hit single, a song that makes the top 40 of the sales charts or hit parade
* "Hit", a song by Guided by Voices from the 1995 album "Alien Lanes"
* "Hit", a single by The Wannadies from the 1997 album "Bagsy Me"
* "Hit", a single by The Sugarcubes from their 1992 album "Stick Around for Joy"

* Hit (pronoun) in Old English — "it" in Modern English

* Hunter Institute of TAFE, Australia
* Harbin Institute of Technology, China
* Huazhong Institute of Technology,China
* Hokkaido Institute of Technology, Japan
* Hanze Institute of Technology, The Netherlands

;Medicine and Biology
* Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, low platelet counts due to the administration of heparin
* Hibernation induction trigger, a substance found in the blood of hibernating animals

* Health Information Technology

* Heavy Industries Taxila, a military complex in Pakistan
* A brand of cookies by German food company Bahlsen
* Hitachi's ticker symbol on the nyse2|HIT
* Hongkong International Terminals Ltd.
* Hit,a chain of supermarkets in Bulgaria

;Computing and Internet
* Hit (web request), a request for a single file from the web server
* Health Information Technology, associated with Health informatics
* Human Intelligence Task, see Amazon Mechanical Turk
* Hypertext Induced Topic Selection or HITS algorithm, a means to rank web pages in search results
* An item found by a search engine to match specified search conditions
* An approximately correct answer in a test set

* HIT Entertainment, British television production company formerly called Henson International Television.
* Asking the dealer for another card in blackjack, as in the expression "hit me"
* "H.I.T.", a South Korean miniseries drama

* A contract killing
* A single dose in recreational drug use
* Having sexual intercourse
* An ugly person
* To 'chat up' or to talk to someone in an affectionate manner, with the intent of establishing a romantic or sexual encounter or relationship with that person

* Hīt, Iraq, a town

* Use of strike to cause physical harm, see violence and assault

;See also

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