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Pax World Funds launched the first socially responsible mutual fund in the United States in 1971. The Funds are dedicated to promoting peace, protecting the environment, advancing equality, and fostering sustainable development. The Funds seek to invest in financially promising companies that meet positive standards of corporate social responsibility. The Funds' investment adviser believes that forward-thinking companies that maintain good relations with employees, consumers, communities and the environment in the long run better serve investors as well. Pax World has eight different mutual funds -- a Global Green Fund, a Women's Equity Fund, a balanced fund, a growth fund, a high yield fund, a value fund, a small cap fund, an international fund -- and a money market fund.

Pax World It was founded by two Methodists who did not want to financially support the Vietnam War. Founders Rev. Dr. Luther Tyson and Rev. Dr. Jack Corbett were motivated by two things:
* Providing an investment in line with certain values.
* Challenging corporations to keep in line with standards of social and environmental responsiblitiy.

Global Green Fund

The Pax World Global Green Fund’s investment objective is to seek long term growth of capital by investing in companies whose businesses and technologies focus on mitigating the environmental impact of commerce.

*Inception: March 27, 2008
*Minimum Investment: $250
*Symbol: PGRNX
*Portfolio Manager: Impax Group PLC

Women's Equity Fund

The Pax World Women’s Equity Fund’s investment objective is to seek long-term growth of capital. In selecting investments, the Women’s Equity Fund’s investment adviser applies sustainable investing criteria, emphasizing companies that promote gender equity through internal policies and programs, transparency regarding the effectiveness of those policies and programs, and accountability among employees to assure implementation and observance of the same. The Women’s Equity Fund may invest in securities of companies with any market capitalization.

*Inception: October 1, 1993
*Minimum Investment: $250
*Symbol: PXWEX
*Portfolio Manager: Sujatha R. Avutu (since 2007)

Balanced Fund

The Pax World Balanced Fund's primary objective is to seek income and preservation of principal. As a secondary investment objective and to the extent consistent with its primary investment objective, the Balanced Fund seeks long-term growth of capital. []

*Inception: August 10, 1971
*Minimum Investment: $250
*Symbol: PAXWX
*Portfolio Manager: Christopher Brown (since 1998)

Growth Fund

The Growth Fund's investment objective is to seek long-term growth of capital.]

*Inception: June 11, 1997
*Minimum Investment: $250
*Symbol: PXWGX
*Portfolio Managers: Christopher Brown & Anthony Trzcinka (since 2006)

High Yield Fund

The Pax World High Yield Fund's primary investment objective is to seek high current income. As a secondary investment objective and to the extent consistent with its primary objective, the High Yield Fund seeks capital appreciation. []

*Inception: October 8, 1999
*Minimum Investment: $250
*Symbol: PAXHX
*Portfolio Manager: Mary V. Austin (since 2006)

Money Market Fund

The Pax World Money Market Fund seeks to maximize current income while maintaining both liquidity and a stable share price.* The Fund is designed to meet the short-term investment needs of socially responsible investors.
*" An investment in the Fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the Fund." []

*Inception: April 9, 1998
*Portfolio Manager: Molly Flewharty (since 2001)

The Fund invests the majority of its assets in short-term money market obligations with maturities of 397 days or less. These include high-quality commercial paper, bank certificates of deposit, and the debt obligations of certain U.S. government agencies. []


* [ Pax World Mutual Funds]

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