Department of Finance Canada

One of the two towers of L'Esplanade Laurier, headquarters of the Department of Finance.
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Departments of the Government of Canada

Minister Jim Flaherty
Deputy Minister J. Michael Horgan
Established July 1, 1867
Responsibilities Economic and Fiscal Policy

Economic Development and Corporate Finance

Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy

Financial Sector Policy

International Trade and Finance

Tax Policy

Corporate Services

Employees 1000
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Department of Finance Canada operates under the Minister of Finance. Its purpose is to ensure a healthy Canadian economy by developing polices of sound economic management and providing expert advice to the government.[1]

The department is headquartered in the Esplanade Laurier building in downtown Ottawa at the corner of O'Connor and Laurier.


The department is divided into several branches:

  • Economic and Fiscal Policy Branch
  • Economic Development and Corporate Finance Branch
  • Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy Branch
  • Financial Sector Policy Branch
  • International Trade and Finance Branch
  • Tax Policy Branch
  • Law Branch
  • Corporate Services Branch
  • Consultations and Communications Branch

Related legislation

Acts and legislations under the Department:

  • Income Tax Act
  • Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act
  • Customs Act
  • Customs Tariff Act
  • Excise Act
  • Excise Tax Act
  • Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) Act
  • Income Tax Conventions Implementation Act
  • Payment Clearing and Settlement Act
  • Financial Administration Act
  • Special Import Measures Act

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