List of Indian reserves in Quebec

List of Indian reserves in Quebec

The following is a list of Indian reserves in Quebec.

*Akwesasne - Mohawk []
*Betsiamites (Pessamit) - Innu []
*Cacouna - Maliseet []
*Coucoucache - Atikamekw []
*Doncaster - Mohawk
*Essipit - Innu
*Gesgapegiag - Mi'kmaq
*Kahnawake - Mohawk []
*Kebaowek - Algonquin
*Kitigan Zibi - Algonquin
*La Romaine - Innu
*Listuguj - Mi'kmaq
*Manawan - Atikamekw
*Mashteuiatsh - Innu
*Matimekosh - Innu
*Mingan - Innu
*Natashquan - Innu
*Obedjiwan - Atikamekw
*Odanak - Abenaki
*Pikogan - Algonquin
*Rapid Lake - Algonquin
*Timiskaming - Algonquin
*Uashat-Maliotenam - Innu
*Wemotaci - Atikamekw
*Wendake - Huron-Wendat
*Whitworth - Maliseet
*Wôlinak - Abenaki

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