National Conciliation Party (Egypt)

National Conciliation Party (Egypt)
National Conciliation Party
Hizb Al-Wifak
Chairman Refaat Al-Agroudy
Founded April, 2000
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Arab Nationalism
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The National Conciliation Party (Arabic: Hizb Al-Wifak‎) is a small Egyptian political party with a membership of some 185 members. The party presses for reaching a solution to the Palestinian issue. It also calls for achieving an Arab economic integration, establishing the common Arab market and maintaining the Arab national security. The party nominated its head, Refaat Al-Agroudy, to run for Egypt's first multi-candidate presidential elections in 2005.


The party platform calls for:

  • Standing against all imperialistic schemes.
  • Achieving an Arab economic integration.
  • Achieving an Arab food self-sufficiency.
  • Ensuring citizens' right of political participation.
  • Establishing a common Arab and African market.
  • Paying utmost attention to solving problems of education, unemployment and youth issues.
  • Easing the bureaucratic measures.
  • Enhancing the popular monitoring.

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