Democratic Union Party (Egypt)

Democratic Unionist Party
Hizb al-Itahadi al-democrati
Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Tork
Founded April, 1990
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Liberalism
Politics of Egypt
Political parties

The Democratic Unionist Party (Arabic: Hizb al-Itahadi al-democrati) is an Egyptian political party, with a membership of around 215 members. The party presses for achieving unity between Egypt and Sudan and separation between politics and religion.

The party nominated its head, Ibrahim Tork, to run for Egypt's first contested presidential elections.


The party platform calls for:

  • Guaranteeing citizens' basic freedoms and political rights.
  • Achieving comprehensive economic development.
  • Upgrading public utilities and services.
  • Protecting Egypt's status on regional and international arenas.

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