T30 Heavy Tank

Infobox Weapon
name= Heavy Tank T30

type=Heavy tank
origin=flagcountry|United States
crew= 6
length= 11.57 m (37 ft 11.5 in)
width= 3.80 m (12 ft 5.5 in)
height= 3.20 m (10 ft 6 in)
weight= 65.8 metric tons (145,000 lbs)
armour= 25 mm–280 mm (1-11 in)
primary_armament= T7 155 mm gun
34 rounds
secondary_armament= 7.62 mm machine gun
engine= Continental AV1790-3 aircooled
engine_power= 704 hp (net)
suspension= torsion-bar
speed= 26.5 km/h (16.5 mi/h)
pw_ratio= 10 hp/tonne
vehicle_range= km

The T30 Heavy Tank was an American tank project developed to counter new German tanks. The T30 was designed at same time as the Heavy Tank T29. Pilot models were started in April 1945 and were delivered in 1947.The 155 mm fired 2 piece (shell and charge) ammunition. The loader was helped by a powered rammer.A variant of the tank designated T30E1 features an additional hatch at the back of the turret.

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