Relativity may refer to:


* Special relativity, a theory of physics formulated by Albert Einstein
* General relativity, Einstein's theory of gravitation
* Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, which refers to both special relativity and general relativity together
* Principle of relativity, used in Einstein's theories and derived from Galileo's principle
* Galilean relativity, Galileo's conception of relativity
* Numerical relativity, a subfield of computational physics that aims to establish numerical solutions to Einstein's field equations in general relativity

Popular culture

* "Relativity" (M. C. Escher), a lithograph print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher

* "Relativity Theory" (The Outer Limits), 1998 "The Outer Limits" episode
* "Relativity" (TV series), mid-1990s American drama series
* "Relativity" (Voyager episode), 1999 fifth-season episode of Star Trek: Voyager
** USS "Relativity", the Wells class starship featured in that episode
* "Relativity", 2001 "Farscape" episode

* Relativity Records, record label
* Relativity (band), a band founded by Scottish folk musician Phil Cunningham and other members of Silly Wizard
* Relativity (Emarosa album), a 2008 album from band Emarosa

ee also

* Relative (disambiguation)
* Relativism, the philosophical view that the meaning and value of human beliefs and behaviors have no absolute reference

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