Record or The Record may mean:

An item or collection of data:
* Storage medium that contains data (more specifically audio data)
** Gramophone record (also called "phonograph record"), mechanical storage medium
** Compact Disc, optical storage medium
* Record (computer science), a data structure
** Storage record, a basic input/output structure
** Record (database), other name for a relational database row
** Boot record, record used to start an operating system
* Document for administrative use
** Business record of economic transactions
** Medical record of a person's medical history and treatments
** Service record, usually associated with military service
** Minutes, a summary of the proceedings at a meeting
** Public record, information that has been filed or recorded by public agencies
* World record, an unsurpassed accomplishment or statistic
* Archaeological record, the body of archaeological evidence

* "The Records", an English power pop band
* "Records (album)", a 1982 album by rock band "Foreigner"
* "The Record (album)", a 1982 punk rock album by the band "Fear"
* "The Record (film)", a South Korean film directed by Ki-Hun Kim

* In the United States:
** "The Record" (Bergen County), a newspaper in Bergen County, New Jersey
** "The Record" (Stockton), a newspaper in Stockton, California
** "The Record" (Troy, NY), a newspaper in Troy, New York
* In Canada:
** "The Record" (Waterloo Region), a newspaper in Waterloo Region, Ontario
** "The Record" (Sherbrooke), a newspaper in Quebec
** "The Record" (magazine), a former trade magazine of the Canadian music industry
* Elsewhere:
** "Record" (newspaper), a Portuguese sports newspaper
** "The Record Music Magazine", an Indian publication featuring music personalities
** "Récord", a Mexican sports newspaper
** "Record" (magazine), the official church paper of the South Pacific Division of Seventh-day Adventists

* TV Record, a Brazilian TV network
* Record News, the "Rede Record's" news channel

See also

* Recording
* Opel Rekord

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