Namak, South Korea

Namak, South Korea

Coordinates: 34°49′01″N 126°27′47″E / 34.816946°N 126.463079°E / 34.816946; 126.463079

Namak, South Korea
Hangul 남악리
Revised Romanization Namak-ri
McCune–Reischauer Namak-ri

Namak (or Namak-ri) is a village in Samhyang-myeon, which is part of Muan County in South Jeolla province of South Korea. Namak became the home of the South Jeolla provincial government following its move from the city of Gwangju in 2005.



The relocation of the provincial office to Namak is causing many changes in the area. Previously it was just a small farming area with most inhabitants working in that industry. A new city is being constructed around the provincial office with its neighbour Mokpo.

Construction plan

The central government officially declared the plan to build a new city on May 13, 1993.

Eight years later, it was announced the residential area would occupy 9,139,000 square metres (98,370,000 sq ft). Jeonnam province applied for approval in February 2002. Four months later the official plan was changed and it received approval.[1]

Eco city

Muan country is strongly trying to develop the Namak area as an "eco-city". This includes elevating the importance of establishing parks and forests.[2]

Promotion to city

The plan for promoting county to city is on the way by civil workers of Muan. The South Korean government has set it's standards for making the new site.

Muan was nominated as enterprise city and also Muan International Airport was opened. One officer said that new downtown area is going to get its own power by governmental development propulsion.[3]

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