Herbsaint is a brand name of anise-flavored liquor, originally made in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Herbsaint first appeared in 1934. It was the creation of J.M. Legendre and Reginald Parker of New Orleans, who learned how to make absinthe while in France during World War I. It first went on sale following the repeal of Prohibition, and was unique in its category as an absinthe substitute, as opposed to a pastis. Although Herbsaint was originally produced under the name "Legendre Absinthe" it never contained wormwood. The Federal Alcohol Control Administration at the time objected to the use of the word Absinthe so it was changed to Legendre Herbsaint. The Sazerac Company bought the J.M. Legendre & Co. in June 1949. Herbsaint was bottled at 120 proof and 100 proof for many years, but was eventually modified in the 1970s, when Herbsaint was bottled at 90 proof, producing the modern Herbsaint available today.

If the letter r is removed, "Herbsaint" is an anagram for "Absinthe."

Herbsaint Frappé

iba =
source =
sourcelink =
name = Herbsaint Frappé

caption =
type = cocktail
flaming =
anise = yes
served = shaken
garnish = frosted glass
drinkware = highball
ingredients = *One part Herbsaint
*One part soda water
*Half teaspoon simple syrup or sugar
prep = Stir together with plenty of ice, then strain into a very well chilled glass. Serve very cold.
notes =
footnotes =
Herbsaint was and still is used in several cocktails. The most famous of those is the Herbsaint Frappé.

* Pour two ounces of Herbsaint into a thin six-ounce glass.
* Fill the glass three-quarters full with cracked ice.
* Add a half teaspoon of simple syrup or sugar and two ounces of carbonated or plain water, then fill glass with more cracked ice.
* Stir, using a long-handled spoon with up and down motion until outside of glass is well frosted.
* Strain into another glass that has been chilled.
* Remove the ice from the original glass.
* Now pour the Herbsaint frappé back into the well frosted glass and serve.

ee also

* Absente
* Absinthe
* Pastis

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* [http://www.oxygenee.com/Herbsaint.pdf 1944 promotional booklet for Legendre Herbsaint] — Cocktail recipes and a brief history of Legendre herbsaint and the old absinthe house in New Orleans (1.76MB PDF format)

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