Music at Work

Infobox Album | Name = Music at Work
Type = Album
Artist = The Tragically Hip

Released = June 6, 2000
Recorded = The Bathouse Recording Studio
Genre = Rock and Roll
Length = 51:40
Label = Universal
Producer = Steve Berlin, The Tragically Hip, Mark Vreeken
Reviews =
* [ All Music Guide] Rating|3|5| Last album = "Phantom Power"
This album = "Music at Work"
Next album = "In Violet Light"

"Music At Work" (or "Music @ Work") is the seventh full-length album by Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip. It was released in 2000 (see 2000 in music).

The album's title comes from the slogan of a Toronto soft rock station, EZRock. Its use is meant to be ironic; the first line of the title track is "Everything is bleak, it's the middle of the night/you're all alone and the dummies might be right." The music video for "Music at Work" was filmed in the lobby of Commerce Court North, part of the headquarters of the Canadian bank CIBC.

Much like their previous album, "Phantom Power", it had decent sales.

After the album was released, singer Gordon Downie released a solo album of music and poetry called "Coke Machine Glow".

Track listing

All songs were written by The Tragically Hip.

# "My Music at Work" – 3:06
# "Tiger the Lion" – 5:30
# "Lake Fever" – 4:34
# "Putting Down" – 3:13
# "Stay" – 3:22
# "The Bastard" – 4:54
# "The Completists" – 3:07
# "Freak Turbulence" – 2:53
# "Sharks" – 4:14
# "Toronto #4" – 2:59
# "Wild Mountain Honey" – 3:56
# "Train Overnight" – 3:17
# "The Bear" – 3:55
# "As I Wind Down the Pines" – 2:34


* "My Music at Work"
* "The Completists"
* "Lake Fever"

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