Radical (from Latin "radicis", genitive of "radix" "root") can refer to many different things and concepts.


*The symbol √ used to indicate the square root or nth root
*Radical of an algebraic group, a concept in algebraic group theory
*Radical of an ideal, an important concept in abstract algebra
*Radical of an integer, a concept in number theory
*Symmetric bilinear form, a concept in linear algebra
*Radical of a Lie algebra, a concept in Lie theory


*Radical (chemistry) or free radical, atomic or molecular species with unpaired electrons


*Radical consonant, which involves the root of the tongue
*Radical (Chinese character), part of a Chinese character under which it is indexed in a dictionary (also called bùshǒu 部首)
*One of the three consonants in a Semitic trilateral or quadrilateral root


*Political radicalism
**Radicalism (historical), the Radical Movement which began in late 18th century Britain and spread to continental Europe and Latin America in the 19th century
**Radical left, another term for the far left
**Radical right, another term for the far right
**Extremism, political standpoints that are perceived as revolutionary or extreme

*Radical Whigs, influential early writers on Radicalism
*Radical Republican (USA), a member of an influential group of American politicians during the Civil War reconstruction
*Radical Party, one of a number of political parties around the world
*Radicals (UK), parliamentary progressives who were part of the nineteenth-century Liberal coalition
*Industrial Radicals, members of the fictional Industrial Radical Party
*Religious radicalism

Businesses and organizations

*Radical Sportscars, an English sports car maker
*Radical Entertainment, a video game developer based in Vancouver, Canada
*Free Radical Design, a video game developer based in Nottingham, England
*Free Radicals (band), a jazz-funk musical group from Houston, TX
*Radical Matters, a record label
*Free Radical Centre

Music albums

*"Radical" (Smack album), Smack's fourth studio album, released in 1988


*In cabinet making, another way of saying external plinthfact|date=February 2008
*Radical Baroque, in architecture

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