Buggy can refer to various types of cart:

* a dune buggy or swamp buggy;
* a kite buggy;
* a red neck shopping cart (Southern American Lewis English);
* a form of baby transport also called a pushchair or perambulator (British English), stroller (American English) or pram (Australian English and British English);
* a lightweight carriage, as in horse and buggy; or
* a soapbox car or cart (UK), also known as an unmotorised go-kart.
* Buggy is a common name for the Sweepstakes Races, a student run event much like a cross between soapbox derby and a relay race, practiced at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.
* "Buggy" is the name of an Irish line now living in the majority in England
* As an adjective, it means infested with bugs, either literally or figuratively, as in software bug.
* As an adjective, it is an obsolete usage, meaning "insane" (as in "bugsy")
* Buggy the Clown is an antagonist in the "One Piece" manga/anime series.
* shopping cart

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