List of Bermuda Triangle incidents

List of Bermuda Triangle incidents

This is a list of incidents attributed in popular culture to the Bermuda Triangle.


Aircraft incidents

Incidents at sea

  • 1918: USS Cyclops, collier, left Barbados on March 4, lost with all 309 crew and passengers en route to Baltimore, Maryland.[5]
  • 1921: January 31, Carroll A. Deering, five-masted schooner, Captain W. B. Wormell, found aground and abandoned at Diamond Shoals, near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.[6]
  • 1925: 1 December, SS Cotopaxi, having departed Charleston, South Carolina two days earlier bound for Havana, Cuba, radioed a distress call reporting that the ship was sinking. She was officially listed as overdue on 31 December.[7]
  • 1941: USS Proteus (AC-9), lost with all 58 persons on board in heavy seas, having departed St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands with a cargo of bauxite on 23 November. The following month, her sister ship USS Nereus (AC-10) was lost with all 61 persons on board, having also departed St. Thomas with a cargo of bauxite, on 10 December. According to research by Rear Admiral George van Deurs, USN, who was familiar with this type of ship from their service in the USN, the acidic coal cargo would seriously erode the longitudinal support beams, making these aging and poorly-constructed colliers extremely vulnerable to breaking up in heavy seas.[8]
  • 1963: SS Marine Sulphur Queen, lost with all 39 crewmen, having departed Beaumont, Texas, on 2 February with a cargo of 15,260 tons of sulphur. She was last heard from on 4 February, when she was in rough, nearly-following seas of 16 feet, with northerly winds of 25-46 knots, and listed as missing two days later. The Coast Guard subsequently determined that the ship was unsafe and not seaworthy, and never should have sailed. The final report suggested four causes of the disaster, all due to poor design and maintenance of the ship.[9]

Incidents on land

  • 1969: Great Isaac Lighthouse (Bimini, Bahamas) - its two keepers disappeared and were never found.[10]


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