SCSI Inquiry Command

The SCSI Inquiry command is used to obtain basic information from a target device. The CDB structure is:

If the EVPD parameter bit is zero and the Page Code parameter byte is zero then the target will return the standard inquiry data which is structured like this:

The special fields in the standard inquiry data have the following meaning:
*Peripheral Device Type - see separate article on SCSI Peripheral Device Types
*RMB - removable medium
*AENC - 1 = supports Asynchronous Event Notifications - (processor devices only)
*TrmIOP - 1 = supports Terminate I/O Process messages
*Response data format - 000=SCSI compliant, other values = legacy devices
*RelAdr - 1= this LUN supports Relative Addressing Mode (linked commands only)
*WBus32+WBus16 - support for wide data buses:
**00 - 8-bit only
**01 - 8 or 16-bit
**11 - 8, 16 or 32 bit
*Sync - 1 = supports synchronous transfers
*Linked - 1 = this LUN supports linked commands
*CmdQue - 1 = supports Tagged Command Queuing
*SftRe - 1 = performs soft resets

If the EVPD parameter bit is one then the target will return Vital Product Data (VPD). This can be from one of a number of different pages, depending on the value of the Page Code parameter:

*00h - Supported vital product data
*01h-7Fh - ASCII information
*80h - Unit serial number
*81h - Implemented operating definitions
*82h - ASCII implemented operating definition
*83h-BFh - Reserved
*C0h-FFh - Vendor-specific

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