Meg! (with the exclamation mark) is a comic strip by Greg Curfman and distributed by United Feature Syndicate. The main characters were Meg, an elementary-age soccer player, her little brother Mike (victim of Meg's pranks), their parents, and Meg's friend Ashley. Curfman based much on the series on himself and his family.




Meg is the main character, Meg is a girl who loves soccer and competition.
Meg loves to bug her younger brother Mike. School: Acorn Elementary
Interest: Soccer her dominant interest, art and skateboarding
Fashion statement: Faded denim, overalls
Favorite Celebrity: Pelé
Goal in life: Win World Cup MVP and be elected to the White House in the same year


Ashley is Meg's best friend, who is trying to join an exclusive Barbie fashion club. School: Acorn Elementary
Interest:Boys, books and barbie
Favorite Celebrity: Any, member of the royal family
Goal in life: Be the sole proprietor of the first coffee house / fashion boutique. Will consider marrying into money


Mike is Meg's little brother.
School: Acorn Elementary
Interest:Science, risk, PBS and Chemistry
Favorite Celbrity: Jonas Salk
Goal in life: Win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Will settle for beating Meg in hide 'n'seek just once


Meg and Mike's mom.


Meg and Mike's dad
Once rented a snow cannon to Snow Meg at school.

Van Gogh

Meg's dog, with one glass eye, missing one ear.
Was rescued after being run over by a French pastry cart

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