Kai may refer to:

Fictional people

* Kai, a character in the game Mystic Heroes
* Sir Kay, a knight of the Round Table
* Bajoran Kai, the supreme religious figure of Bajor in the fictional Star Trek universe
* Kai ("LEXX"), a character in the science fiction television series "LEXX"
* Kai ("Mortal Kombat"), a Shaolin monk in the "Mortal Kombat"
* Kai Hiwatari, a character in the anime "Beyblade"
* Kai Shiden, a character in the anime "Gundam"
* Kai (Akira), the fictional character from the hit anime movie, "Akira"
* Kai Chen, a character in "Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy"
* Kai Ozu, a character in "Mahou Sentai Magiranger"
* Kai Wong, a New York based actor-producer.
* Kai Kogashiwa, a drift racer in the anime Initial D
* Kai (Blood+), a character in the anime "Blood+"
* Kai is the name of a Japanese gargoyle in Disney's animated series "Gargoyles"
* Kai, in the game ""
* Kai, a character from the PlayStation 3 game Heavenly Sword


* The Kai Ken is an ancient and treasured Japanese dog breed of the Spitz family.
* The Alaskan Klee Kai is a northern breed of dog, also in the Spitz family.
* Kai the Horseclaw, a giant flightless bird who serves as a faithful mount in the "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind"
* Kai is the thai word for chicken

Fictional deities

* Kaiō/Kai, the name for the gods in the manga "Dragon Ball Z"
*Kai, the name of the head of the Bajoran faith in the "Star Trek" universe.
*Kai, an important god in the Lone Wolf gamebooks


* Ptolemaida, the current name for Kailar, a former Ottoman city in Northern Greece
* Kai, Yamanashi, a city in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
* Kai province, an old province that corresponds to Yamanashi Prefecture today
* Kai County, a county of Chongqing Municipality in China
* Kai Islands, Indonesia, an archipelago.


* Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), a South Korean national aerospace company
* Kikokushijo Academy International School (KAI School) in Tokyo, Japan
* Communist Workers International or "Kommunistische Arbeiter-Internationale" in German

Music and singing

* Kai, drummer of the GazettE
* "Kai" (album), a remix album by Japanese group Dir en grey
* Kai (band), an R&B group
* Kai (singing), a kind of throat singing
* Kai Hansen, German Power Metal vocalist and guitarist

Foreign languages

* kai (conjunction), the "and" conjunction in Greek
* Kai (abbreviation), a symbol used in Greek and Coptic
* KAI can stand for Communist Workers International in German
* kai (noun), "food" in Māori - the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. Also common in New Zealand English.
* Kai, The japanese word/conjunction for "Release"
* Kai, the Hawaiian word for ocean or sea.
* Kai, the Karo Batak word for "how".


* "Kaisho", a style of calligraphy also known as "kaishu" or "regular script"
* Kayı boyu, or Kai Boyu, a Turkish tribe to which the ruling family of the Ottoman Empire belonged
* Kailaras, a town and a nagar panchayat in Morena district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh

ee also

* Kai (name)

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