Liberal Democratic Party (Serbia 2005)

party_name = Liberal Democratic Party
party_name_cyr = Либерално-демократска партија
party_name_lat = Liberalno-demokratska partija
colour_html = Red
leader = Čedomir Jovanović
foundation = 2005
ideology = Liberalism [] ,
Classical liberalism []
international = Liberal International
european = none
colours = Red, White
headquarters = Simina 41, Belgrade
website = []
The Liberal Democratic Party (Serbian: Либерално-демократска партија, "Liberalno-demokratska partija") is a classical liberal political party in Serbia.


It was founded on 5 November, 2005 by a fraction of the Democratic Party after their leader, former Deputy Prime Minister Čedomir Jovanović had been expelled in a party purge. The party was represented in the Assembly of Serbia and Montenegro after Đorđe Đukić defected from the Democratic Party to the Liberal Democratic Party. The party also reached a coalition agreement for the 2007 parliamentary election with the Civic Alliance of Serbia, League of Vojvodina Social Democrats and the Social Democratic Union.

The Civic Alliance of Serbia merged into the LDP on April 7, 2007 after long announcements, increasing the number of LDP's seats in the parliament from 6 to 9.

Jovanovic has repeatedly offered Tadic a hand in forming a new government after the May 11 elections, providing the DS change its policy on Kosovo, in recognising Kosovo as an independent state. [ [ - Serb Democrats 'Stopped War Over Kosovo' ] ]

Election results

In the 21 January 2007 parliamentary election in Serbia, the Liberal Democratic Party ran in a coalition with the Civic Alliance of Serbia, the Social Democratic Union and the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina that won 15 seats with 5.3% of total vote. LDP itself got 6 seats and included GSS, SDU and DHSS on its parliamentary club.

On December 2nd, 2007 the party board decided to present Čedomir Jovanović as a candidate for the next Serbian presidential election. He ended up in the 5th place, winning 5.34% of the votes. []

Liberal Democratic Party participated in Serbian parliamentary and local elections, which were held on May 11th, 2008. It won 5.2% of the votes and 13 seats in the Serbian Parliament.

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