Aelius was the nomen of the ancient Roman "gens" Aelia. Among its members was the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

* Publius Aelius Paetus, consul 337 BC
* Gaius Aelius Paetus, consul 286 BC
* Publius Aelius Q.f. Paetus, consul 201 BC
* Sextus Aelius Q.f. Paetus Catus, 198 BC
* Publius Aelius P.f. Ligus, consul 172 BC
* Quintus Aelius Paetus, consul 167 BC
* Lucius Aelius Stilo Praeconinus, philologist
* Quintus Aelius Tubero, consul 11 BC
* Lucius Aelius Lamia, consul 3 AD
* Sextus Aelius Catus, consul 4 AD
* Aelius Catus, a commander, possibly the same person with Sextus Aelius Catus.
* Lucius Aelius Sejanus, praetorian prefect under Tiberius
* Aelia Paetina, wife of emperor Claudius
* Lucius Aelius Lamia, consul in 80
* Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus (Hadrian), emperor
* Lucius Aelius Caesar, Hadrian's heir, consul 137
* Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus, emperor
* Lucius Verus, co-emperor of Marcus Aurelius
* Aelius Aristides, rhetor
* Aelius Dionysius, scholar
* Aelius Donatus, grammarian
* Aelius Marcianus, 3rd century Roman jurist
* Aelius Promotus, an ancient physician of Alexandria
* Aelius Spartianus, historian
* Aelius Theon


The "Pons Aelius", now called the Ponte Sant'Angelo, is a bridge in Rome built by Hadrian. Aelia Capitolina was the city Hadrian founded on the ruins of Jerusalem.

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