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Name = Territory=Universe
Type = Album
Artist = Acumen Nation

Released = 1996 March 12
Recorded =
Genre = Industrial rock
Length = 52:52
63:54 (Conscience Records re-release)
Label = Fifth Colvmn Records
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "Transmissions from Eville"
This album = "Territory=Universe"
Next album = "Unkind"

"Territory=Universe" is the second album by Acumen Nation. It was originally released on Fifth Colvmn Records in 1996. A version with additional tracks was released on Conscience Records on May 5 1998.

Track listing

Fifth Colvmn Records version

#"Stone Farm" – 6:01
#"DJentrify" – 4:09
#"Candy Prowled" – 4:58
#"You Deal with This" – 6:16
#"Queener" – 4:26
#"Nothing Changes" – 4:35
#"Mister Sandman I Am" – 3:44
#"Crazy Stalked Eyes" – 8:15
#"Fuckface" – 5:46
#"Mike (Thyroid Mix)" – 4:36

Conscience Records version

#"Stone Farm" – 6:01
#"DJentrify" – 4:09
#"Candy Prowled" – 4:58
#"You Deal with This" – 6:14
#"Queener" – 4:24
#"Nothing Changes" – 4:35
#"Mister Sandman I Am" – 3:44
#"Crazy Stalked Eyes" – 8:15
#"Fuckface" – 5:38
#"Mike (Thyroid Mix)" – 4:36
#"Mike (Remix)" – 4:55
#"Queener (Remix)" – 6:25


*Jason Novak – programming, guitar, vocals
*Jamie Duffy – guitar, engineering
*Gregory Lopez – drums, bass, moog
*Ethan Novak – guitar, drums, bass, washboard

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