Auchenshoogle is a fictional Scottish town, an amalgam of Dundee and Glasgow, used since the late 1990s as the setting (originally unnamed) of the comic strips Oor Wullie and The Broons in The Sunday Post.

The name may be a comic variant on the real Glasgow district Auchenshuggle (in Lowland Scots, "shoogle" means to shake or rock, perhaps a pun on "Shuggle" from "Seagal" meaning "Rye" in the original). "Auchen-" or "Auchin-" is a common prefix in Lowland place names coming from the Scottish Gaelic "Achadh ..." meaning "Field of the".

The term has since become a generic Scottish small-town name, used for humour or as a dummy name in legal discussions and is often claimed to be in Inverness-shire. It has also been used in the name of Scottish ceilidh band "Last Tram to Auchenshoogle".

ee also

* Auchenshuggle
* Auchterturra
* Brigadoon


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* [ The Abolition of Feudal Tenure etc. (Scotland) Act 2000]

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