Tugay Bey

Tugay Bey ( _cr. Toğay bey; _pl. Tuhaj-bej; _uk. Тугай-бей; _ru. Тугай-бей) sometimes also spelled as Tugai Bey (d. June, 1651) was a notable military leader and politician of the Crimean Tatars. Toğay descended from the Arğıns - one of noble Crimean families, and his full name is "Arğın Doğan Toğay bey". "Bey" is actually a title, which he received on becoming the chief of Or Qapı (Perekop) "sanjak", an important position in the Crimean Khanate, since the Isthmus of Perekop is the neck to Crimean Peninsula and was crucial to its defense.

Tugay Bey became the bey of Or Qapı sometime between 1642 and 1644. By 1644 he had enough authority for the Han of Crimea to entrust to him leadership of the major Tatar expedition against Poland. However, Tugay Bey's army was intercepted by the Polish army under hetman Koniecpolski before reaching the densely populated regions of Ukraine and defeated in the First Battle of Okhmativ.

In 1648 he brought an army (estimated 6,000-20,000) to help Bohdan Khmelnytsky during the Cossack's Khmelnytsky Uprising against Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. There he took part in several important battles and was eventually killed during the Battle of Berestechko.

He was portrayed in the Polish novel and film With Fire and Sword. In the film he was played by Daniel Olbrychski.

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